Undergraduate Research at DIS Copenhagen

Are you academically ambitious, curious to explore a topic in depth, and eager to be a part of a passionate research community?

Apply for a unique Research Assistant opportunity and earn 3 or 6 credits.

Fall 2024 Opportunities for Research Assistant: 3 Credits

Join an ongoing research project carried out by a DIS faculty member. As a Research Assistant, you collaborate closely with your mentor. By the end of your semester, you will grasp the complexities of the research process. In some cases, short travel with your mentor to European research institutions may occur. All major travel costs (lodging, transportation, 2x meals a day, cultural activities) are covered by DIS. Information will be provided before the start of the semester.

Fall 2024 Opportunities for Research Assistant: 6 Credits

Advance your knowledge within the natural and health sciences. Matched with a Copenhagen-based research institution and a mentor, you participate in existing research where you develop your clinical and laboratory skills.

Note: Students accepted as 6-credit Research Assistants must schedule their non-Research Assistant courses on either Mondays/Thursdays OR Tuesday/Fridays to free up alternate days to work in the lab. DIS can assist in this process.

Additional Application Required

The application can be found in the Online Registration portal. You must submit all application requirements by:

  • November 1 (by 23:59, Central European Standard Time) for the spring semester
  • May 1 (by 23:59, Central European Standard Time) for the fall semester

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After pursuing research abroad, I developed more specific interests in neuroscience and highly tuned my lab skills. When returning to my home university, I began researching in a lab that I realized aligned more with my academic interests, which would not have been possible without my experience at DIS.”

-Max, Occidental College

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for 3- and 6-credit Research Assistantships?

On average, students in 3-credit Research Assistantships spend at least 10 hours a week on research tasks. These 10 hours per week consist of a variety of different research-related tasks, including conducting a literature review, data collection, analyses, coding, documentation, and meetings with your mentor. You may decide on a particular block of time (consistent each week) for you to carry out the work – or adjust it on a week-by-week basis.

Students in the 6-credit Research Assistantships spend an average of 20 hours per week with lab and clinically based research tasks. You decide the exact meeting and lab times with your supervisor, but your schedule consists of classes at DIS two days a week, with two days a week in the lab.

Note: There may be peak times in the research process where all Research Assistant students are expected to spend a few more hours, and then possibly a few less another week – to reflect the individual research project and process.

Where is the research work carried out?

Work for the 3-credit Research Assistantships may take place outside DIS, on your own time at a location of your choosing, or at DIS – this varies from project to project. The 6-credit research assistantships generally take place at labs in Copenhagen or Stockholm outside DIS.

What type of student applies for the 3- and 6-credit Research Assistant courses?

Students with a variety of academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the 3-credit Research Assistant course. While some courses do have prerequisites, many opportunities do not require prior research experience.

The 6-credit Research Assistant opportunity is designed for highly motivated students who have a strong science background within the field of interest and some basic research experience. The student must be willing to commit a large portion of their semester to an engaging opportunity involving hands-on research in universities and medical institutes in Copenhagen or Stockholm.