Undergraduate Research at DIS Copenhagen

Are you academically ambitious, curious to explore a topic in depth, and eager to be a part of a passionate research community?

Four Ways to Make Your Mark

Take advantage of these opportunities offered at DIS. No matter which field you are in, experience in conducting research internationally gives you a competitive edge when applying for graduate school and future careers.


Become a Research Assistant
Fall & Spring, 3 Credits

Join an ongoing research project carried out by a DIS faculty member. As a research assistant, you collaborate closely with your mentor. By the end of your semester, you will grasp the complexities of the research process.

Projects range across disciplines. Visit the Research Assistant course page to find out what is currently offered!


Drive an Independent Research Project
Fall & Spring, 3 Credits

Conduct your own research while in Copenhagen! Under the guidance of a DIS faculty member, use Copenhagen as a unique source for your work.

Visit the Independent Research Project course page.


Join a Professional Research Group
Fall & Spring, 6 Credits

Advance your knowledge within the natural and health sciences in the Science Research Practicum. Matched with a Copenhagen-based research institution and a mentor, participate in existing research where you get to develop your clinical and laboratory skills.

Visit the Science Research Practicum course page.


Enroll in a Research Lab
Fall & Spring, 6 Credits

In the Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness Lab, design, develop, and carry out an experimental study with fellow classmates. This lab is a corequisite to the core course: Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness (three-credit lab + 3-credit core course).

Visit the Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness Lab course page.


My research has been incredibly influential on my career path. Since my research at DIS, I started working with fMRI brain imaging at the University of Virginia, and have accepted a clinical research associate position working in the Yale Psychiatry Department.”

-Morgan, University of Virginia