Dietary Resources

Managing specific dietary needs while studying abroad can be a challenge as products and stores vary from what you are accustomed to in your host country. Copenhagen, however, has many restaurants, supermarkets, and specialty shops where you can find full product assortments for particular dietary needs.

Be ready to explore new brands and products and remember, like in the U.S., specialty foods can be more expensive than mainstream products and stores – so budget accordingly. It is not difficult to live as a vegetarian or vegan, with diabetes, or with lactose or gluten intolerance in Copenhagen if you know where to look.

This section aims to give you tips, pointers, and recommendations while you study abroad at DIS Copenhagen – so you can find anything from organic, vegetarian hotdogs, to gluten-free Danish pastries!

Food Blogs

Using food and travel blogs can be a great way to get tips from other adventurers with dietary restrictions. Often these blogs contain a wealth of information and tips about managing dietary restrictions in different international cities.

Share Resources

Have you found a great specialty food shop or grocery store product you would like to let other students know about? Whether it falls into the category of non-dairy, gluten-free, vegan, or anything else, we encourage you to send resources and tips to and know that we are also here to support you should you have any questions!

Guide to Grocery Shopping

All products in the supermarket are in Danish, so use this as a pocket vocabulary reference to find your grocery store basics. And when in doubt, ask questions – the vast majority of Danes speak English and will be able to help you out!

The symbol for organic foods is easy to spot:
Look for the red label and the word økologisk and KRAV if in Sweden.


(often part of a compound word,
such as ‘svinekød’ or ‘oksekød’)
Kylling Chicken
Skinke Ham
Fisk Fish
Sild Herring
Laks Salmon
Reje Shrimp
Pølse Sausage
Mælk Milk
Fløde Cream
Casein / Mælkeprotein Casein / Milk Protein
Laktose / Mælkesukker Lactose
Valle Whey
Ost Cheese
Osteløbe Rennet
Æg Egg
Honning Honey
Økologisk Organic
Vegetar Vegetarian (noun)
Vegetarisk Vegetarian (adjective)
Veganer Vegan (noun)
Vegansk Vegan (adjective)
Bønner Beans
Linser Lentils
(sometimes just ’grønt’)
Glutenfri Gluten Free
Soja Soy