Using Your Phone Abroad

How to Get a Phone Plan Abroad

All students must have an active cell phone while at DIS, including a data plan so that your phone is fully operational when away from WIFI. You are required to submit your phone number to DIS in your Registration once you arrive.

DIS works with two local carriers to offer convenient and affordable physical SIM and eSIM options — the vast majority of DIS students use one of these options, as other international plans can be limited and costly. Having a local phone number means easier access to local medical resources as well as meal delivery, restaurant reservations, and smoother communication with DIS students/faculty/staff, particularly during Study Tours. While we highly recommend the local plans below, you are free to choose any provider.

Note: By signing up for one of the phone plans below, you’ll receive instructions in your DIS arrival packet to set up your new SIM and activate your account — you’ll have a new Danish phone number to use in Denmark and across Europe but your photos, contacts, apps, etc, should remain the same.

It is critical that your phone is unlocked in order to use either plan — check with your current phone carrier if unsure. 

Note: To avoid incurring any extra charges, we recommend that students text and call non-Danish numbers using iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other chat services.

If your phone uses an eSIM

With local carrier Greentel, students have 40 GB of data per month, and 12 GB can be used throughout the EU. This plan also includes unlimited calls and texts to Danish numbers throughout the EU, as well as 15 hours of call time to the US or EU when in Denmark.

Cost of plan: 118 DKK ($18) per month

If your phone uses a physical SIM card

With local carrier Lebara, students choose a data plan ranging from 20-300 GB (with 2-8 GB that can be used throughout the EU). This plan includes unlimited texts to Danish numbers and 20-unlimited calling hours to Danish numbers (and 5 calling hours to other EU numbers). Also includes free calls to US numbers.

Cost of plan: 49-159 DKK ($7-23) per month. Most students choose the 99 DKK plan.

Read more about Lebara options here

Read the fine print and terms here

We recommend that you download the MyLebara app once in Copenhagen to monitor data usage and account. If you have questions while in Scandinavia and using your new phone plan, visit our Student Hub or contact with their customer service: