Using Your Phone Abroad

How to Get a Phone Plan Abroad

DIS is first and foremost committed to your safety and security, therefore it is obligatory that you have an active cell phone plan while enrolled at DIS. You must have a data plan and are required to submit your phone number to DIS in your Registration once you arrive. You are free to choose whichever provider you want, as long as you have a fully operational cell phone.

What are my Cell Plan Options?

You have two options:

Option 1: Use your current U.S. plan

You may use a U.S. cell plan, however, DIS recommends that you check with your provider about price and plan inclusions. The majority of DIS students find that their U.S. providers have expensive and limited international data plans.

Option 2 (recommended): Use a local Danish plan

DIS partners with Lebara, one of Denmark’s largest mobile phone companies, to offer you a phone solution that is affordable and convenient.

You will receive a free Danish SIM card upon arrival in Denmark. Simply insert this SIM card into your existing unlocked phone and then select a plan online on the Lebara website after arrival (see below for information on how to unlock your phone). This plan will give you a working phone in Denmark and across Europe. You do not need to sign up for this plan in advance!

Plans range from 19-99 DKK ($3-15) per month. If you run out, top up your plan online through your Lebara account or at any grocery or convenience store in Denmark.

Read more about phone plan options here on Lebara’s site

Read Common FAQs for DIS Students about the Lebara Plan here

What’s Included

You’ll be able to text and call any Danish phone number for free. You can also call U.S. numbers for free.

Texts to non-Danish phone numbers will incur a small roaming rate (usually 30 cents per text) that will be deducted from the cash balance that you load on to your account. To avoid these charges, use iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other chat services, which use Wi-Fi or data.

Read Lebara plan coverage examples here (PDF)

This cell plan will work in 50 other countries, but you will need to sign up for Auto Top Up on your MyLebara account.

Click here to read the fine print and terms

Once You Have Signed Up

You must have an unlocked phone to use this plan. Check with your current provider to confirm your phone is unlocked.

Read more here about locked vs. unlocked phones

You can also purchase an unlocked phone at any electronics store in Denmark, such as Elgiganten or Power.