The Student Hub

The Student Hub is your entry point to DIS resources and services while you are abroad.

A place to meet and engage

The Student Hub provides a central location for students to meet, engage, and access DIS services. Spread over two floors, the Student Hub houses a library, lounges and study areas, a cinema, printers, and spaces to meet with DIS staff and faculty. Bring your coffee and relax between classes, hang out with a friend, or find a corner to study!

Throughout the semester, the Student Hub hosts events and activities for DIS students. You can find information about upcoming events at the Hub and in the DIS Navigate app, which you will gain access to prior to the start of your semester.

Our Student Hub Team is on site, providing accessible services and support to students. Stop by if you have questions about student life or want to learn more about what is going on in the city.

Access DIS resources and services

The Student Hub is staffed with trained employees who can assist with general inquiries and direct you to relevant resources. They can assist you with:

  • General inquiries on anything from Residence Permits and CPR cards, to DIS insurance coverage
  • Guidance on upcoming events and activities, both within DIS and in the local community
  • Payments and reimbursements
  • Pick-up or drop-off of items at the request of faculty or staff, or items you have rented
  • Pick-up of items that you have lost and need to replace (such as your housing key or student ID card)
  • Drop-off of printed academic assignments

The Library at the Student Hub

The Student Hub contains a library staffed by a librarian who can help you with academic research and access to class materials. Learn more about our Library Resources.

Meet with DIS staff

Meetings with DIS staff will typically occur at the Student Hub. DIS students can book confidential meetings with the Housing Team, Care Team, or Academic Support.

DIS Housing Team

Where you live is one of the most important aspects of your time abroad and can be the basis for rich personal growth. Nevertheless, living in a foreign country can also be challenging. This is why we offer you support when it comes to your housing.

DIS Housing Staff are full-time and trained to support and empower you when undergoing housing-related challenges. Conversations with DIS Housing Coordinators are private, but not confidential. Feel free to reach out to them for practical, social, and emotional support. You can reach out to the Housing Team via email (

DIS Care Team

Given the transitions, adjustments, and adaption you go through while studying abroad, it is important that you have support. If you have, or develop, mental or physical health issues, our Care Team is trained to help you through support services available during your time at DIS.

Members of the Care Team are administrative staff at DIS – not doctors or counselors. If a case demands professional assistance, the Care Team will advise you on how to see appropriate medical professionals. Learn more about the Care Team here. You can reach out to the Care Team via email (

DIS Academic Support

The Academic Support Team can assist you with academic advising, information about adding or dropping courses, exams, and accommodations. Learn more about Academic Support here.

Emergency Contact

For details on how to reach DIS both during and outside office hours in case of emergency, find the Emergency Contact Information here.