Alcohol and Drug Safety Policy

Alcohol and Drug Safety Policy

DIS aims to provide an environment that facilitates the achievement of educational goals and supports student development and autonomy. However, autonomy and freedom of choice exist with the expectation that you respect the intellectual, physical, and emotional health of yourself and others.

DIS Alcohol Policy

DIS prohibits alcohol on the premises unless it is during a DIS sponsored social event. You may consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner in your housing as long as this is in accordance with specific housing rules.

If you do choose to consume alcohol, do so with the knowledge that you should at all times be responsible for your actions. Alcohol misuse is prohibited and does not constitute an excuse for irresponsible behavior or misconduct. Disorderly conduct, property destruction, intimidation, or other infringements on the rights of others as a result of alcohol are prohibited.

Repeated intoxication, antisocial behavior, or an inability to pursue one’s own education may indicate dependency. In our experience, students who travel with dependency issues do not get the full benefit of study abroad. We recommend that students with dependency issues exercise great caution before deciding to study abroad.

DIS will notify your home university if you violate the DIS Code of Student Responsibility. Past students have been dismissed from DIS for serious alcohol-related infringements.

Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Be aware that you are in an urban setting both in Copenhagen and when traveling on breaks in cities throughout Europe. If you take part in nightlife and go out drinking, be sure to:

  • Know your limits
  • When possible, stay safe by walking home with someone you know
  • Do not accept drinks from a stranger
  • Do not leave a public venue with a stranger
  • If you find yourself alone and feel uncomfortable leaving alone, have the venue you are at order you a taxi
  • Always keep your purse, wallet, phone, and other personal belongings on you and be aware of pickpockets

DIS Illegal Drug Policy

Possession and/or use of illegal drugs constitutes a violation of DIS Code of Student Responsibility and Danish Law. Danish Police have the right to arrest you if you are caught buying, using, or selling drugs, and you may be expelled from the country. If you break local laws in Denmark, or any other country, having a foreign passport will not help you avoid arrest or prosecution. Assistance from DIS and the U.S. Embassy will be limited. Read more about the consequences of an arrest here.

We encourage you to visit Christiania, but to stay on the right side of the law. Freetown Christiania has become a special tourist site, unique for Denmark and reminiscent of the city’s history. It hosts unique architecture, social activism, tours, cafes, and music venues. However, there is a flip side – it is also a place where illegal drugs are sold, mainly marijuana, relatively out in the open. Periodically, police raids take place. Remember that buying and/or using cannabis in Christiania is both a violation of Danish law and of the DIS Code of Student Responsibility.

DIS will notify your home university if you violate the DIS Code of Student Responsibility. Past students have been dismissed from DIS for drug-related infringements.

Illegal Items

The use of illegal drugs is no more acceptable in foreign cultures than it is in the U.S., and is treated as a serious criminal offense. DIS would like to emphasize that the following items are illegal under Danish law and most European countries:

  • All forms of cannabis (marijuana) are illegal in Denmark as are heroin, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, and other forms of non-prescribed, mind-altering substances
  • Defensive weapons, including but not limited to knives, mace, and stun guns
  • Medications shipped to Denmark
    Read more about taking medication to Denmark