Diversity Resources

Building a Supportive & Open Community at DIS

DIS is dedicated to ensuring that all students have a platform for discussion and dialogue regarding diversity abroad.

Each semester, the Diverse Identities Social Club (D.I.S. Club) welcomes students to gather, share stories and experiences, and contribute to a community surrounding the topic of diversity. The D.I.S. Club provides a space to discuss personal experiences of being an underrepresented student, as well as wider social issues related to diversity and identity.

New in Town meetups provide opportunities for students to learn about local culture while connecting with fellow DIS students. New in Town: LGBTQIA+ meetups, Students of Color meetups, and First Generation meetups seek to provide affinity-based spaces for students to explore their identities and build community.

You will find out more information about events, activities, and communities in the DIS Navigate App, which you will gain access to before the start of your semester.

Support with the DIS Care Team

While abroad, if you are struggling with identity questions or have the need to talk to someone about your experience, reach out to the Care Team for support. Should you encounter situations where you feel discriminated against, e.g. by the police, at a nightlife venue, or elsewhere, the DIS Care Team can also provide emotional and practical support as well as guidance on how to file a complaint.

Learn how to contact the Care Team

First-Generation College Students

Academic Advising

Resources at the Office of Academic Support are available to you; find more information about DIS Academic Resources.

Personal Support

If you are facing difficulties navigating a new culture, the pressure to succeed, changes in your financial situation, or any non-academic obstacles, reach out to the DIS Care Team.

Find contact information for the DIS Care Team


Access Copenhagen’s Communities and Create Your Own

Prior to departing for your semester, research communities you feel you would identify with – these are a good start:

LGBTQIA+ Resources

Homosexuality is legal and widely accepted in Denmark. LGBTQIA+ people take part in public life. Several actors, politicians, and other prominent people are out and proud. Looking back in history, the world’s first same-sex civil partnership took place in Copenhagen in 1989.

The DIS LGBTQ+ Network is an initiative run by LGBTQ+ Homestay and Visiting Hosts based in Copenhagen. It is a forum for DIS LGBTQ+ students, Homestays, and Visiting Hosts to connect with one another and share stories and experiences. Join the DIS LGBTQ+ Network Facebook Group


For a comprehensive overview of LGBTQIA+ resources in Copenhagen visit Out & About.

Additional Resources

  • African House
    African House has a product range consisting of arts and crafts, afro-cosmetics, and food

DIS has received feedback on how the dryness of the air and harder water in Scandinavia makes textured curly hair dry out easily. Here are a selection of curl-friendly salons in Copenhagen:

For more information, check out Scandinavia Standard’s guide on where to go for curly hair in Denmark.