Diversity & Inclusion at DIS

DIS Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

DIS is committed to building an inclusive learning environment in a Scandinavian context. In doing this, we want to provide a place for discussion and debate of different views, while we uphold our unwavering commitment to diversity and respect for others.

At DIS we believe that embracing diversity in all aspects of the learning and working environment is necessary for students and organizations to reach their full potential. We want to create a community in which each member feels welcome and supported, across all identities and life experiences. This includes, but is not limited to, diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference and socio-economic background.

The Student Body

DIS students come from approximately 200 distinguished colleges and universities throughout North America. Approximately eight percent of the DIS student population are international students studying at North American universities. Students come from small or medium-sized liberal arts colleges, large state institutions, from urban, rural, as well as suburban places.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

What We are Working Toward

  • Improving access for underrepresented students – by revising our scholarship model and developing more summer programs, faculty-led programs, and customized programs
  • Learning from the students: Focus group with diversity scholarship recipients about their experiences at DIS
  • Raising awareness among faculty through training and inspiration