Psychology of Human SexualitySemester Course

Psychology of Human Sexuality, Semester Course
Major Discipline(s)
Gender Studies, Human Development, Psychology
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

This course deals with issues related to human sexuality, emphasizing the psychological perspective. Prevailing sexual norms in Western society and how these norms originated are considered. Examples of topics range from gender and transgender issues to fetishes and paraphilias, as well as sexual development, sexual disorders, and sex therapy. Develop a greater awareness of your own sexuality and the sexuality of others.

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Pre-Medicine / Health Science


Debra Marie Quackenbush

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology, University of Utah, 1996). Licensed to practice in both the U.S. and Denmark. Certified group psychotherapist. Research interests include cyber-relations and human sexuality. Recently worked for the renowned Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas, where she specialized in psychotherapeutic testing and intervention for high achieving professionals with severe mental illness. Currently working at private practice in Copenhagen. Find out more on her website: With DIS since 2013.

Psychology, Debra Marie Quackenbush

Veronika Leonova

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

M.A. in Clinical Psychology (Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2011). Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy education (Moscow Association for Analytical Psychology, 2012). Worked as a clinical psychologist in various institutions and taught as an external lecturer at “The Higher School of Psychology” in Psychoanalysis and Developmental Psychology. In Denmark since 2015. I work with children, adolescents and adults, conducting individual and group therapy in private practice and as a volunteer in NEFOS. You can find out more on my website: With DIS since 2017.

Veronika,Leonova, Psychology, European Clinical Psychology