Urban Studies

Discover how the city has become the focal point for cultural expression, social change, and political tension. Often symbolizing opportunity and upward mobility, the city promises a better life while also creating challenges and alienation.

Program Highlights

  • Use Copenhagen as your classroom on Field Studies that explore its innovative urban change from an industrialized welfare state to a cutting-edge, sustainable, resilient, and livable city
  • Engage in a dynamic dialogue with a variety of guest lecturers including local historians, sociologists, and urban planners
  • Travel with your faculty and classmates on course-integrated Study Tours to compare how cities develop their infrastructure in Eastern and Western Europe

Is This Program For You?

It’s a good fit if you study:

  • Anthropology
  • Environmental studies
  • Urban Studies
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

I love the lens that urban studies gives me to view the cities I travel to. I constantly evaluate how I feel in a space and why, knowing that a million decisions went into creating that feeling.”

– Bracken, University of Richmond

Why Study Urban Studies in Copenhagen?

  • Over the past decade, Copenhagen has consistently ranked on Monocle Magazine’s Top 10 Most Livable Cities
  • The city’s infrastructure is made for bikes, with 50% of Copenhageners commuting
    to work or school by bike
  • Copenhagen is among the Nordic cities leading the world in sustainable urban solutions

Core Courses