DenmarkCore Course Week Study Tour | Urban Studies Program

Required Course(s)
European Urban Experience: Why Cities Matter
Spring semester

The short Study Tour to Aalborg offers an experience of a second tier European city. Aalborg represents the urban scale common to the majority of urban inhabitants. Aalborg is a Nordic port and industry city in northern Jutland, with a strong industrial history and cultural identity, highlights including the Utzon Center and Musikkens House. The municipality is especially noteworthy in its pro-active, innovative and dynamic approach to transforming from an industrial to a post-industrial city of higher learning.

Tour Objectives

  • Learn about the single-minded, industrious and innovative forces of Aalborg, a Danish city with a strong industry and port culture and identity
  • Learn about dynamics and drivers of urban development and transformation of a Nordic city
  • Experience the cultural amenities of Aalborg, and Nordic noir of Nordkraft, an industrial icon of Aalborg

Possible Activities

  • Meet with the Muncipality of Aalborg, City & Landscape Department
  • Participate in a walking tour of cultural centers, the majority along Aalborgs harborfront: Kunsten, Museum of Modern Art, Utzon Center, Musikhuset, Nordkraft
  • Visit Aalborg University Center - their old campus and new building on the waterfront
  • Spend time in Aalborg Øst, neighborhood empowerment zone and/or to Stigsborg, a new urban development area