Southern SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Urban Studies Program

Required Course(s)
European Urban Experience: Why Cities Matter
Spring semester

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city, and has some of the biggest urban development projects in Scandinavia underway. It is known internationally for its focus on open, innovative, and inclusive urban planning. As the city is estimated to grow by 1/3 within 2035, it is strengthening its focus on sustainable growth. In 2021, Gothenburg turns 400 years, a celebration that includes several urban interventions and projects, among them the opening of a new, spectacular park.

Some of the topics and questions we will explore during this Study Tour include: How can a city grow in a sustainable and inclusive manner? How is Gothenburg upgrading and developing its harbor front? How is Gothenburg dealing with challenges of social inequality and gang-related crime?

Tour Objectives

  • Compare and contrast the urban structures and cultures of Gothenburg and Copenhagen, and learn about the inter-relationships and cross connections between these two cities
  • Learn about dynamics and drivers of urban development and transformations of Gothenburg and its harborscape
  • Study Gothenburg’s approaches to and strategies for urban sustainability, resilience, and livability

Possible Activities

  • Talk and Tour of Gothenburg's ongoing city expansion
  • Tour of the historical center of the city, and the large social housing project of the 1960's and 70's
  • Visits to the Röda Sten art museum and Liseberg amusement park