Past Student Bloggers

Student bloggers share their stories semester after semester. Although DIS has changed over the years, we still think our bloggers are important resources.

Spring 2017

Angela from Emory University, Graphic Design Program.

Annie from Indiana University, History Program.

Carly from Vanderbilt University, Philosophy Program.

Christian from Wake Forest University, Neuroscience Program.

Emma from SUNY Oneonta, European Politics Program.

Irene from Columbia University, Global Economics Program.

Isa from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Architecture & Design Program.

Isabella from Bryn Mawr College, Justice & Human Rights Program.

Joanna from Smith College, Urban Studies Program.

Jordan from Rochester Institute of Technology, Biomedicine Program.

Kayla from Dickinson College, Environmental Science of the Arctic Program.

Kevin from Indiana University, International Business Program.

Leah from University of Rochester, Public Health Program.

Lindsay from University of Michigan, Communication Program.

Lydia from University of Rochester, Psychology Program.

Maddy from St. Lawrence University, Child Development & Diversity Program.

Margaret from Bucknell University, Medical Practice & Policy Program.

Morgan from Pacific Lutheran University, Sociology Program.

Tara from Iowa State University, Daily Life Vlogger.

Zade from Carnegie Mellon University, Sustainability Program.

Fall 2016

Abigail from Southern Methodist University, Justice & Human Rights Program.

Alec from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Sociology Program.

Amelia from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, European Politics Program.

Anna from Hamilton College, Prostitution & the Sex Trade Program.

Anvita from Columbia University, Literature (European Humanities) Program.

Arielle from Franklin and Marshall College, Neuroscience Program.

Bracken from University of Richmond, Urban Studies Program.

Caitlin from St. Olaf College, Sustainability Program.

Chloe from Syracuse University, Graphic Design Program.

Ej from Denison University, Psychology Program.

Emily from Hamilton College, Biomedicine Program.

Emily from Stonehill College, Communication Program.

Erica from Rice University, Art & Visual Culture (European Humanities) Program.

Faith from University of Richmond, Child Development & Diversity Program.

Gabe from Brown University, Brown University Program.

Jenny from Miami University, Architecture & Design Program.

Jessica from American University, Global Economics Program.

Katie from St. Joseph’s University, History (European Humanities) Program.

Matt from Stonehill College, Philosophy (European Humanities) Program.

Paige from Elon University, International Business Program.

Rachel from Goucher College, Environmental Science of the Arctic Program.

Sharon from Brandeis University, Public Health Program.

Tess from Tufts University, Cultural Reflections Blogger Program.

Spring 2016

Amy from Dickinson College, Psychology Program.

Bailey from Smith College, Urban Studies Program.

Colgan from Smith College, Sustainability Program.

Carli from Lafayette College, Biomedicine Program.

Caroline from Dickinson College, Environmental Science of the Arctic Program.

Eden from Lehigh University, Child Development & Diversity Program.

Emily from Johns Hopkins University, Communication Program.

Grace from Middlebury College, Architecture & Design Program.

James from Denison University, Computer Science Program.

James from University of Maryland, European Humanities Program.

Kathryn from Colgate University, Justice & Human Rights Program.

Linh from Trinity College, Global Economics Program.

Marisa from Brandeis University, European Politics Program.

Miranda from University of Virginia, Neuroscience Program.

Natsuko from Cornell University, Graphic Design Program.

Rachel from Bradley University, International Business Program.

Samantha from Bradley University, Danish Language & Culture Program.

Samantha from Elon University, Sociology Program.

Shannon from Lafayette College, Public Health Program.

Sophia from University of Illinois at Chicago, Medical Practice & Policy Program.

Sophie from Elon University, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program.

Fall 2015

Anisha, Occidental College, Rented Room Housing Option.

Anna, Skidmore College, Child Development & Diversity Program.

Arianna, Georgetown University, Biomedicine Program.

Denae, Pacific Lutheran University, European Humanities Program.

Ellie, Vassar College, Architecture & Design Program.

Elyssa, Emory University, Psychology Program.

Emily, Connecticut College, Graphic Design Program.

Emma, Macalester College, Danish Language & Culture Program.

Iris, Swarthmore College, Medical Practice & Policy Program.

Jackie, Smith College, Urban Studies Program.

Julian, Bowdoin College, Psychology Program.

Kendra, Elon University, Public Health Program.

Kirsten, Dickinson College, Environmental Science of the Arctic Program.

Linda, Grinnell College, Computer Science Program.

Mikaela, Wesleyan University, International Business Program.

Millie, Elon University, Communication Program.

Neena, University of Illinois, Neuroscience Program.

Nina, University of Rochester, Global Economics Program.

Sarah Kate, University of Delaware, Justice & Human Rights Program.

Shaina, Bryn Mawr College, Prostitution & the Sex Trade Program.

Taylor, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, European Politics Program.

Vanessa, Smith College, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program.

Spring 2015

Abigail, St. Olaf College. Communication Program.

Adam, Wheaton College. Justice & Human Rights Program.

Ana, Trinity University. Urban Studies Program.

Andrea, American University. Prostitution & the Sex Trade Program.

Annette, California Polytechnic State University. Architecture Program.

Caroline, University of Virginia. Danish Language & Culture Program.

Elyse, Appalachian State University. Communication Program.

Grace, Brown University. Public Health Program.

Helen, Simmons College. Graphic Design Program.

Jane, Wellesley College. Psychology Program.

Jenna, Denison University. Global Economics Program.

Kate, University of Puget Sound. Gender & Sexuality Studies Program.

Kaylee, Wittenberg University. International Business Program.

Kelsey, Claremont McKenna College. Sustainability Program.

Maggie, Middlebury College. Architecture Program.

Meghan, Villanova University. Neuroscience Program.

Natalya, University of Rochester. European Humanities Program.

Raeven, Haverford College. Child Development & Diversity Program.

Sarah, Vanderbilt University. Environmental Science of the Artic Program.

Yoan, Pratt Institute. Interior Architecture Program.

Fall 2014

Tim Villaneuva – Grinnell College. Psychology Program.

Jordan Sessa – Wellesley College. Graphic Design Program.

Connie Lu – Indiana University. Prostitution & the Sex Trade Program.

Hannah Durant – St. Lawrence University. Danish Language & Culture Program.

Amanda Spitzenberger – St. Olaf College. Global Economics Program.

Hattie Hoskins – Elon University. Communication Program.

Joey Belonger – Lawrence University. European Humanities Program.

Matt Corbin – Haverford College. International Business Program.

Netherland Joiner – Illinois Wesleyan University. Psychology Program.

Karina Patino – Brandeis University. Public Health Program.

Jessica Menachemson – Bucknell University. Sustainability Program.

Natalia Pfeifer – American University. Communication Program.

Jon Hanson – University of Minnesota. Medical Practice & Policy Program.

Gavin Crowell – Knox College. Neuroscience Program.

Rachel Felger – Trinity University . Biomedicine Program.

Glen Bradley – Santa Clara University. DIS Diversity Reporter Program.

Christina Raquel – Columbia University. Gender & Sexuality Studies Program.

Maggie Stein – Gettysburg College. Child Development & Diversity Program.

Lindsey Susolik – Kenyon College. Justice & Human Rights Program.

Justyna Kepa – American University. European Politics Program.

Spring 2014

Alexandra Raczka – Dickinson College. Environmental Science of the Artic Program.

Anna Cobus – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities . Architecture Program.

Rachael Barton – Whitman College. Biomedicine Program.

Johanna Foster – Grinnell College. Justice & Human Rights Program.

Judy Su – University of Michigan. Graphic Design Program.

Ellen Wall – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Interior Architecture Program.

Bora Jung – Wesleyan University. Psychology Program.

Catherine Bretheim – Macalester College. Urban Design Program.

Eun Kyeong Jeong – Franklin and Marshall College. Public Health Program.

Shannon Vance – Bradley University. Prostitution & the Sex Trade Program.

Emily Frankenberry – Villanova University. Communication Program.

Ally Flessel – Bucknell University. Medical Practice & Policy Program.

Amanda Melton – Centre College. Neuroscience Program.

Stephanie Chen – Tulane University. Danish Language & Culture Program.

Rene Cuenca – Carnegie Mellon University. Sustainability in Europe Program.

Amber McGarvey – Dickinson College. Urban Studies in Europe Program.

Lorraine Magee – American University. Child Development & Diversity Program.

Carly Jimeson – University of Maryland. Communication Program.

Molly Corn – Vanderbilt University. Full-Year Student Program.

Jonathon O’Leary – Yale University. European Politics Program.

Helena Chiles – Villanova University. Global Economics Program.