Music Courses

The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM) is the oldest music academy in Denmark and offers a broad musical and stylistic repertoire, ranging from period music to classical-romantic, as well as more recent and contemporary music. DIS offers you the following external 3- and 6-credit course options at RDAM for your semester:


Where is RDAM?

RDAM is a 15 minute walk from DIS in the city center of Copenhagen and is a dynamic and vibrant artistic educational institution in outstanding architectural surroundings. The atmospheric buildings offer top quality, with plenty of room for teaching and practicing, as well as unique concert and production possibilities.

Application Information

The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM) sets a high standard in music performance and all courses require an application with deadlines of April 1 for fall students and October 1 for spring students. Please see the course of interest above for information about specific application requirements.