How to Get Around Copenhagen

Transportation in and Around Copenhagen

Commuting: A Part of Your European Experience

DIS Copenhagen is located in the heart of the city center and is walking distance from many of the city’s great attractions. However, you will still need to commute to your housing, when on Field Studies, to the airport…and to explore the city’s many dynamic neighborhoods!

For almost all locals in Copenhagen, commuting is a part of daily life. While studying at DIS, no matter where you live, you will use Copenhagen’s well-networked public transportation to get around.

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Transportation Route Planning: Recommended Online Resources

Journey Planner (known to Danes as Rejseplanen)
This website and app is commonly used by Copenhageners, as it is designed to show you the easiest route for you to get from A to B using all forms of public transportation. Available in English, you can view the price of your planned journey, the zones you will need to travel through, the CO2 emissions produced by your transport, and you even have the option to have the details sent to your phone via text message.

Google Maps
Copenhagen is thoroughly documented on Google Maps, which makes finding directions there very accessible. Along with the traditional route planners for walking, driving, or public transportation, there is even a bicycle option which shows users the most bicycle friendly route to take.

This real-time transit website and app helps you get from A to B. It contains all private and public transport modes in Greater Copenhagen – including walking routes and City Bike locations. The app uses all the local data from Danish transport agencies and is available in English.

There are several other European cities on the app (Rome, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm, to name a few!), making it a good resource while on certain DIS Study Tours and independent travels.