Understanding Zones and Ticketing

Transportation in and Around Copenhagen

An Introduction to Zones

The price of your ticket will depend on how far you want to travel on public transportation. Copenhagen and its suburbs are divided into zones, starting from the city center. Although complicated at first, we hope this information gives you a clear understanding of the system!

You will find zone maps at all stations in Copenhagen where you purchase your transportation ticket. When looking at a zone map (see image at bottom of page), each color represents a different zone. When calculating travel between zones, you must know the zone you are in and the zone you wish to travel. Then you must count how many zones are in between (including the zone you are in and the zone you wish to travel to). This is the number of zones you must buy a ticket for. If you are looking at a publicly posted map, the zone you are in will always be red.

Buying Your Ticket

Tickets start at 2-zones. If you only travel in one zone, you need to buy a 2-zone ticket. Two adults cannot split a 2-zone ticket, even if both of them only need to travel one zone.

Within the Copenhagen public transportation system, tickets are transferable no matter what mode of transportation you are using (bus, metro, train, etc).

Denmark’s Honor System

On Copenhagen’s public transportation you might not always get your ticket checked, but if you are checked and do not have a ticket, you will be fined 750 DKK. If you want to bring a bicycle on public transportation, you must purchase an additional ‘bicycle ticket’ at a ticket machine at the station (except for when using the S-Tog). If you do not have this, you will also be fined a large sum.

If you are traveling in the incorrect zone and checked by a ticket agent, you will be fined 750 DKK.

Understanding the Zones on Your DIS Transportation Pass

On the zone map, you will see small numbers written in black – these are the zone numbers (zone names). Your transportation pass will have the number of zones it takes to commute between your housing and DIS and is only valid in the zones specifically written on your pass.  If you are traveling outside of the zones on your pass, you must buy an additional ticket. If you live at the furthest distance from DIS, you might be given an Alle zoner (all zones) pass which means that you can travel freely within all zones.

Read more guidelines for your DIS Transportation pass

Single-Use Tickets

Billetter is the word for single tickets. You can purchase these from a ticket machine at train stations, or from the driver when riding the bus (in this case you can only pay cash). Single-use tickets are convenient if you are making a special trip or happened to forget your transportation pass at home.


Understanding Zones and Ticketing