Residential Community

Live with other DIS students who share similar hobbies while developing important life skills together in this communal setting.

In Residential Communities you’ll build a community exclusively with fellow DIS students, who share similar hobbies with you – while also challenging yourself to engage locally throughout the semester – since you’ll have to work extra hard to meet locals and get the feel for the local culture.

Residential Communities can be structured differently in dorm-style buildings or apartments, housing a varying number of students. All communities are co-ed residences, which means you will share bathroom facilities with a diverse group of students.

Residential Community Highlights

  • Experience cultural differences among fellow DIS students, as you build a community with the students in your apartment
  • Develop important life skills such as cooking and cleaning for yourself
  • Explore the city with your flatmates who share similar interests
  • Go the extra mile to engage with the local community, as you’ll be living exclusively with other DIS students

Student Profile

This housing option is right for you if, you are willing to:

  • Be social, self-reliant, and want to contribute to a healthy living community
  • Set aside time to do activities with your flatmates
  • Share a bedroom or have your own room. The room sizes vary and most often two students share, but up to four people may share a large room. Single rooms are available but are limited
  • Share a kitchen and bathroom with other students in your apartment
  • Do your own grocery shopping and cook for yourself and/or your community
  • Share cleaning responsibilities for your own room and the common areas in your apartment, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room
  • Live in the city or metropolitan area
  • Commute from home to DIS using the many choices of public transportation available in Copenhagen – you can use this time to do homework, take a nap, or just listen to your favorite tunes and enjoy the view. Read more about the transportation systems here

What this Housing Option Provides

To find out what is included in each housing option, go to Comprehensive Housing and Student Life Inclusions.

Application Information

You will preference your housing choices during the registration process. Here you will also be asked to prioritize different hobbies, which will be used to match you with roommates and/or flatmates. Be sure therefore to tell us what you like to spend your time doing, so we can help you meet similarly minded DIS students in the Residential Communities.

If you are placed in a Residential Community, DIS will find the best fit for you by using your housing application essay, your housing comments, and other information you have listed in Student Registration.

Read more about the DIS Housing Placement Process