Halal Offerings


Copenhagen is halal-friendly, with numerous halal-certified restaurants, grocers, and butcher shops. These shops provide a large selection of different meats, but they can also be an excellent place to get vegetables; delicacies like olives and hummus will be of good quality.

You will most likely shop at ordinary supermarkets like Netto, Coop 365 or maybe Føtex, where you can find a smaller selection of halal options. However, the ‘grønthandlere‘ (grocers) in Nørrebro have the best prices on vegetables and halal meat.

Fresh red meat is usually not halal; however, most fresh chicken is halal. Supermarkets also import frozen meats from abroad, and sometimes those are halal. Look for the halal logo/certification on the back of the products to check if it’s halal.

When grocery shopping, note the following:

  • Danish chicken brands with halal-certificate: Danbo, Rose
  • Sweets and candies from Haribo (almost) always contain gelatin. You can opt for brands like Malaco, Toms or Katjes.

Grocers by Neighborhood

When researching grocers in your neighborhood, keep in mind these key Danish words:

  • Grønthandler (Grocer)
  • Slagter (Butcher)

Grocers in Amager

Al-Basra Marked – Holmbladsgade 10, 2300 Copenhagen
Jaffa Frugt & Grønt – Amagerbrogade 149, 2300 Copenhagen
Mondila Market – Amagerbrogade 89, 2300 Copenhagen
Saitip Thai Market, Amagerbrogade 76, 2300 Copenhagen
Za Marked, Englandsvej 1, 2300 Copenhagen

Butcher shops
Al-Rafiden Slagteri, Amagerbrogade 153, 2300 Copenhagen
Halal slagter, Englandsvej 8A, 2300 Copenhagen

Grocers in Indre by (Inner city)

Solfrugt – Frederiksborggade 21 1360, Copenhagen (inside Torvehallerne)

Butcher shops
Slagter Ali Baba, Halmtorvet 10, 1700 Copenhagen

Grocers in Østerbro

Asien Supermarked, Christiansmindevej 2, ST,TH, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
Naturlig høst – Nordre Frihavnsgade 21, 2100 Copenhagen (a bit pricey)

Grocers in Nørrebro

Hind Marked, Blågårdsgade 2, 2200 Copenhagen
Jaffa Grønt, Fælledvej 16, 2200 Copenhagen
Lygten Bazar, Lygten 11, 1 sal, 2400 Copenhagen
Plus 10, Heimdalsgade 1, 2200 Copenhagen
Safir Frugt og Grønt, Rantzausgade 23B, 2200 Copenhagen

Butcher shops
Al-Hoda Halal Slagter, Nørrebrogade 193, 2200 Copenhagen
Al Akhawain Slagter, Frederikssundsvej 49, 2400 Copenhagen
Al Amir Halal slagter, Tagensvej 112, 2200 Copenhagen
Tayebat Slagter, Fælledvej 16, 2200 Copenhagen

Halal Restaurants

Not all restaurants mention halal options on their website or their menus. You may visit or call them and ask them directly. Store managers or employees should be able to provide you with the necessary information.

You can opt for vegetarian or vegan food, which is naturally halal and widely available in most restaurants. However, you can still inquire about the use of alcohol in the preparation of the dishes.

Restaurants and eateries with halal options

  • Ahaaa Arabic Cuisine, Blågårdsgade 21, 2200 Copenhagen N
  • Hidmona, Eritrean & Ethiopian restaurant. Griffenfeldsgade 7, 2200 Copenhagen
  • Mahalle, Lebanese restaurant. Located in Inner City, Nørrebro, Frederiksberg.
  • SASAA, Pan-African restaurant. Blågårdsgade 2A, th, 2200 Copenhagen
  • Zula, Eritrean & Ethiopian restaurant. Jagtvej 43, 2200 Copenhagen
  • Poulette, Møllegade 1, 2200 Copenhagen
  • Ban Gaw, Halmtorvet 44, 1700 Copenhagen V
  • Jagger (multiple locations in Copenhagen)
  • Zafran, Persian restaurant. Blågårdsgade 8, Copenhagen, Nørrebro
  • Hidden Dimsum, Nytorv 19, Copenhagen
  • Lee’s Kitchen, Åboulevard 13 A, Copenhagen
  • Great China, Istedgade 3, Copenhagen
  • Saji, Studiestræde 14, Copenhagen
  • The Turning Chicken, Nørrebrogade 98, Copenhagen
  • Jasmin Rice, Amagerbrogade 204 B, Copenhagen
  • Görkem Efendi, Frederiksborgvej 21, Copenhagen
  • Stefanos Coffee & Food, Husumgade 50, Copenhagen
  • South Harbour Café, Hørdumsgade 1, Copenhagen
  • Mannes pizza, Østerbrogade 129, Copenhagen

Cafés and brunch

  • Kaffehuset, Nørrebrogade 183, Copenhagen
  • Arabica, Blågårdsgade 12, Copenhagen
  • Görkem Efendi, Frederiksborgvej 21, Copenhagen

You can also check our resource for kosher recommendations in Copenhagen. While not identical, the kosher certification process has many similarities with halal, and most Muslims consider it an acceptable alternative when halal options aren’t available.