Halal Offerings

Finding halal food and eateries in Copenhagen should pose no significant problems with the resources provided below, as well as independent research.

Where to Find Halal Food

Halal Restaurants in Copenhagen

  • Bon Appetit (Studiestræde 37, 1455 København K)
  • Stefanos Pizzeria (Stefansgade 33, 2200 København N)
  • Kebabish (Vesterbrogade 13, 1620 København)
  • Falafel Factory (Nørrebrogade 63, 2200 København N)
  • Woowok, a halal Thai restaurant (Nordre Fasanvej 267, 2200 København)
  • Kaffestuen Vesterbro (Vesterbrogade 108, 1620 København V)

Additional Resources

Just Halal offers information about where to find halal food and products in Denmark. Their aim is to provide easier access to halal food and become Denmark’s largest database of what is available in halal food, products, and news.