Independent Housing (Self-Arranged)

Independent Housing (Self-Arranged)

If allowed by your home university, you may arrange your own housing in Copenhagen.

Students who have the most success securing independent housing are typically students who have a pre-existing network of family or friends in Copenhagen. Otherwise, it can be challenging to find a short term, student residence to legally live at.

If you do choose to opt out of DIS housing, DIS cannot assist with finding you housing, rent payments, deposits, legal matters, furnishing, bedding, transportation costs, etc. You will be sacrificing activities and cultural engagement opportunities that take place in the DIS housing locations. In order to foster community engagement, DIS strongly encourages you to limit how many other DIS students you will be living with.

If you will be pursuing non-DIS housing, it is recommended that you secure written proof from your landlord to confirm that a) your landlord is legally allowed to rent to you and b) that you will be able to register yourself with the local kommune at their address. DIS does not validate this information, but it is important to have this to protect yourself legally should any unforeseen challenges with the residence arise.

DIS recommends that you ask your future landlord for the following documentation to know you have a legal place to reside:

  1. Documentation demonstrating that the person you intend to rent from is the actual owner/renter and they are allowed to rent the place out to others. Depending on your situation, you should submit one of the following types of documentation:1a) If the person is the owner of the apartment, then you can ask for a copy of an actual estate tax return form where the owners full name is stated
    1b) If the person owns a condominium (in Danish ‘Andelsbolig‘) then you ask for a copy of the statutes. It is usually stated here whether or not the owners are entitled to rent out their apartment
    1c) If the person rents the apartment, then you need to ask for a copy of the rental contract, a letter from an agency, or letter from the actual owner stating that the person is entitled to rent out the apartment
  2. A scanned, signed rental contract that clearly states that you can register yourself with the local Danish authorities at that address

If independent housing is something you are interested in, it is best to begin your search for housing ASAP. If you have any questions about the recommended documentation, please contact the DIS North American Office at

Independent Housing Fee

When choosing to arrange your own housing, you will still be charged a fee that covers student affairs support and services.

To learn about this fee, titled Student Affairs Inclusions fee, scroll to the bottom of Comprehensive Housing & Student Affairs Inclusions.

Opting Out of DIS Housing

The deadline to opt out of DIS housing is approximately 2-3 months before the term’s official arrival day. Check your student registration site for your term’s deadlines.

  • If you wish to opt out of DIS-arranged housing after the deadline has passed, please be aware that you will be charged a housing change fee plus any additional associated rent costs. Read about the housing change fee here
  • If you have opted out of DIS housing, please note that DIS will not be able to provide you with housing if yours falls through, once the housing deadline has passed