Build Your Semester

DIS knows how important it is for you to build your own unique experience abroad. That’s why we offer a dynamic study abroad program so that you can get the most out of your semester or year here at DIS Copenhagen!

How to Build Your Curriculum

#1. Choose One Core Course

The Core Course is a signature of the DIS academic experience as it includes two course-integrated Study Tours. You pick one Core Course from within 27 Academic Programs. Your Core Course will include:

  • Core Course Week – early in your semester, an entire week is dedicated to just your Core Course – with a three-day short Study Tour in Denmark or nearby countries and a two-day seminar in Copenhagen
  • Later in the semester, you travel again with your Core Course on a week-long Study Tour in Europe

#2. Add Three or Four Elective Courses

Build your semester from a choice of over 200 courses across over 70 disciplines. You can search courses across disciplines, semesters, credits, and more on this page.

What to Look at After Your Academics are Planned

DIS Recommends

Based on past student feedback, here are just a few of the many opportunities that we recommend you consider for your semester here in Copenhagen:

  • Join a research project with DIS faculty or local researchers with one of our 3 or 6-credit Research Assistant courses
  • Over 60% of students take a Danish Language and Culture course and highlight it as one of their favorite courses – make this elective the first you sign up for!
  • Choose to live in a Homestay and find a home away from home
  • Hop on a bike and commute to DIS – Danes bike rain or shine and biking is a great way to explore the city
  • Make meeting the Danes a priority and volunteer at Studenterhuset (the city’s student union), join a local sports team, sign up for the Visiting Host Program, and more!
  • If you want to follow your curiosity and travel to another European city, consider signing up for an Exploration Elective