Outdoor Living & Learning Community

The Outdoor Living & Learning Community is a highly selective opportunity to take an active role in engaging yourself in life in Copenhagen through sports and an active outdoor lifestyle.

This is your ideal LLC if you want to meet the challenge of exploring the outdoors while living in a city. With your roommates, you get to see and try countless opportunities related to the beautiful city and surroundings of Copenhagen, such as biking, kayaking, hiking, climbing, while also building various outdoor skills and exploring what the concept of being ‘outdoorsy’ really means in a city.

Outdoor LLC Highlights

  • Explore, connect to, and appreciate the natural environment around Copenhagen and beyond
  • Reflect on the many ways to use a cityscape – in Denmark and the U.S. – by gaining a better understanding of combining big city life with outdoor lifestyle
  • Experience and acquire practical skills with activities such as kayaking, climbing, urban sports, cooking food over a bonfire, sleeping outdoors, and much more

Examples of Outdoor LLC Activities (may vary each semester)

  • Going biking
  • Camping out over a weekend
  • Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Winterbathing

Note: there are 2-3 sections of the Outdoor Living & Learning Community each semester.

The Outdoor LLC has been one of the greatest things about my DIS experience. Returning home to my housemates at the end of each school day has made life in a foreign country much smoother and simpler, and I have already done many things I know I wouldn’t have at home. For example, I tried capoeira and went on a 25 mile weekend hike! I also quickly made friends who wanted to explore the city in the same way that I do.

Lily, Colgate University

Meet the Outdoor LLC Coordinators


Anton is educated as a Friluftsvejleder (Outdoor Guide) and has a great passion for the outdoors. He is an expert in kayaking, canoeing, and skiing. With a constantly growing expertise in teaching all sorts of outdoor classes, he is slowly becoming a full-time and full-blooded outdoor person.

Due to his education, jobs, and general passion for the outdoors, Anton has gathered quite a network within the field and uses this to facilitate many different outdoor activities – even in the city of Copenhagen.

In his spare time, Anton likes to go climbing, kayaking, and biking, but all sorts of sport and movement usually catch his attention. He has been working with the Outdoor LLC since 2014.


Benjamin has a big and growing passion for the outdoors. His outdoor adventure started in high school, where a good friend took him along on a rock climbing trip to Germany. This lead to many years in the local climbing gym and climbing adventures in both Sweden, France, and Germany. Following his outdoor pursuit, he was educated as a friluftsvejleder, an outdoor guide, and has since worked as a ski instructor in Trysil, Norway. Benjamin loves to travel and explore new places and has hiked and traveled in Nepal, Greenland, and Vietnam. In recent years, he has found profound happiness for the more simple adventures closer to his backyard.

At the moment, Benjamin is studying to be a school teacher and hopes that the outdoor classroom will be a part of his future work and profession as a teacher. Benjamin lives outside of Copenhagen in a newly built Eco Society with his daughter and fiancé, where he is trying to find a way to live life more in tune with nature. Benjamin has been with DIS since 2019.


Christian teaches diverse outdoor activities based on his many experiences, working as a professional globetrotter and Folk high school teacher. Combining work with traveling and adventurous hobbies has brought him to many corners of the world, from Norway to New Zealand and France to Fiji. He has a B.A. in Sports Science and a M.A. in Learning and Innovative Change.

This academic background he has used to explore how outdoor activities affects and interacts with personal development in many different organizations, and is now putting this knowledge into play, when providing the right challenges for the LLC community. Christian has been with DIS since 2019.