Students with a Nordic Passport

Students with a Nordic Passport

During your semester abroad, you are required to register your residency in Denmark and obtain a CPR Card. Refer to our resources outlining the Legal Residency Process and what the CPR Card is used for here.

The guidelines outlined on this page are relevant to students holding a passport from a Nordic country (i.e. Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden).

Your Legal Residence Process depends on both 1) the passport you enter Denmark on and 2) where you live in or around Copenhagen during your time as a DIS student. It is therefore very important to pay attention to your specific process, as it may differ from that of your peers.

Read the information here closely; DIS will send you individualized instructions about applying for your CPR Card. Please be sure to add or whitelist the Student Hub email ( to your ‘safe senders’ or contact list by following these instructions based on your mail provider.

Timeline for Your Legal Residence Process as a Nordic Passport Holder

When living in Denmark for more than three months, you are required to apply for a Danish CPR Card. As a Nordic student, obtaining a CPR Card is the only mandatory step in your Legal Residence Process.

Applying for Your CPR Card

Your yellow CPR Card is equivalent to a social security number. It gives you access to social systems, including the use of free Danish healthcare while living in Denmark.

A few days before arriving in Denmark, you will receive an important newsletter with information about how you apply for your CPR Card, along with all relevant documents (i.e. proof of address) needed for your CPR registration. This email will include detailed instructions for registering with your kommune (the municipality you reside in) in Denmark. Depending on where you live, you will either complete an online application or apply in person at your local kommune. Remember to pay attention to your individualized process!

Please note that you are responsible for registering and applying for your CPR Card before the last 90 days left of your semester in Denmark. Failure to apply before then may result in the municipality denying you a CPR Card.

Receiving Your CPR Card

Approximately 2-3 weeks after you have applied for your yellow CPR Card, your CPR Card will be sent to your home address in Denmark. Please make sure that your name is on your mailbox at your housing site. If you do not receive your CPR Card, make sure to contact your kommune to check on the progress.

Need to see a doctor before you receive your CPR Card? You can still access Danish medical care.  Find information about visiting a doctor or hospital in Denmark here.

What Should I Do Before Departure?

  1. Ensure you have added the Student Hub email ( to your ‘safe senders’ or contact list. Follow these instructions based on your mail provider
  2. As your semester approaches, look out for emails from DIS with important information about your Legal Residence Process