Culinary Living & Learning Community

The Culinary Living & Learning Community is a highly selective opportunity to take an active role in immersing yourself in life in Copenhagen through the lens of food culture and cooking.

This is your ideal community if you are self-directed with an interest in exploring and improving your culinary skills while building a community through cooking together in and outside the house.

Culinary LLC Highlights

  • Form a community where it is part of your everyday life to explore a variety of aspects of Danish food culture
  • Gain more confidence in your own cooking abilities while trying out new recipes from Danish and international cuisine
  • Reflect on your discoveries, while constructing an understanding of Danish/Nordic food culture. Relate and compare your new knowledge to what you know from your home culture
  • Share your knowledge and experiences with fellow students

Examples of Culinary LLC Activities (may vary each semester)

  • Participate in preparing a weekly dinner with your housemates
  • Visit local food producers
  • Learn different cooking techniques while cooking traditional as well as modern Danish dishes
  • Meet interesting food entrepreneurs from Denmark