My Copenhagen Story

Are you curious about studying abroad in Copenhagen? Be inspired by other students who share their personal stories.

With classrooms located in the medieval heart of the city and plenty of opportunity to explore and get involved, every student has a different and individual experience. Meet former DIS students and get a glimpse of academics, local Field Studies, cozy cafés, and culture in a city that meets the sweet spot between a relaxed, village-like atmosphere and a vibrant big city vibe.

Gabrielle, Spelman College

Experience Copenhagen through the eyes of Gabrielle. On her blog, Gabrielle documents life in a Homestay, traveling with and outside of DIS, and all the ins and outs of getting to know a new city and culture.

My Copenhagen Story, Gabrielle

Read Gabrielle’s letter to future students on the DIS blog

Learn more about Gabrielle on her blog

I had absolutely no prior knowledge or intent for coming to Denmark. Now, I can’t believe how much this hidden gem of a country means to me.

Gabrielle, Spelman College

Shelby, Barnard College

Shelby lived in a Living & Learning Community and studied in the Psychology Program. After class, they enjoyed getting to know Copenhagen and its neighborhoods, as well as documenting life abroad through their blog.

Read Shelby’s letter to future students on the DIS blog

Get to know Shelby through their blog

This will be your semester to figure something out, to be open to what is new, to grow.

Shelby, Barnard College

Jeffrey, Vanderbilt University

Join Jeffrey for some Homestay coziness, experiential academics, the charming Tivoli Gardens, and breathtaking views during Study Tour.

Learn more about Jeffrey on his blog

What attracted me to Copenhagen was its emphasis on sustainability, the Danish universal healthcare system, and Denmark’s stat as the happiest country in the world.

Jeffrey, Vanderbilt University

Tara, Iowa State University

Tara shares the story of her semester on her vlog, including her daily life, courses and Study Tours, cultural experiences, and more. As a fashion design major at her home university, Tara’s vlog also features observations and reflections on Scandinavian fashion.

Suzi, Eastern University

For Suzi, studying abroad for a semester meant gaining more confidence in accomplishing things independently. One of Suzi’s favorite Copenhagen activities was walking through the city alone, taking in the colorful buildings, the canals, the rush of the bikers, and the slow-busy pace of everyday life.

Get to know Suzi on her blog 

I’ve always been a person who hates taking risks and shies away from the unknown, but when you live abroad and travel a lot, there are a lot of worries that you have to overcome. I’ve been able to prove to myself that I can overcome the unexpected and I hope to enter into other chapters of my life with less fear.

Suzi, Eastern University

Julia, Elon University

Follow Julia from her Homestay in the suburbs, to her DIS courses, lunch with a friend at the markets, and to her volunteer job at a student-run café in the city center.


Thomas, Vanderbilt University

For Thomas, living in a Homestay was an important part of studying abroad. Learn more about his experience of  joining a family of five plus one diva of a Bernese Mountain Dog.

My Copenhagen Story, Thomas

Meet Thomas and read his interview on the DIS blog

Briona, Grinnell College, and Jacob, Hamilton College

Briona and Jacob both studied with DIS a few years ago. While things have changed since then, the experience of studying abroad in Copenhagen is still as impactful. Follow Briona and Jacob as they explore their local neighborhoods, travel with class mates and faculty, and find their sweet spots in the city.

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Advice for future students, favorite aspects of the culture, and more; hear it straight from our Student Bloggers in Stockholm.

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