Experience Europe through a literary lens as you read, discuss, and analyze some of the continent’s finest and boldest authors and poets. Join contemporary discussions in literary studies and gain unique insight by focusing on the interrelation between text and place.

Program Highlights

  • Meet with Danish and Russian contemporary authors, poets, and scholars, and build the analytical framework to articulate your own critical voice in an ongoing literary conversation
  • Travel with your classmates and DIS faculty on course-integrated study tours to walk in the footsteps of prominent writers and their protagonists, and experience cities as places haunted by myths and intertextual references
  • Discover the literary underground scene of Copenhagen by engaging in the city’s many readings, festivals, and literary venues’

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you study literature, English, or related disciplines with a strong interest in the great works of European literature.

My core course gave me an entirely new perspective of my surroundings. We read a novel taking place in 18th century Copenhagen that named the exact same streets surrounding our classroom. Reading some passages on site, I could see the same square I passed everyday in a completely new light. The poetry we read on Fanø exposed me to sides of the island that I would never have experienced on my own, especially when we had a discussion session with the poet.

-Shoshana, College of Wooster

Core Courses