Medical Practice & Policy

Engage in a unique pre-medical experience by learning from Danish medical doctors, focusing on diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and ailments.

Program Highlights

  • Gain an insider view of university hospitals and clinics in Copenhagen and exposure to the daily practice of physicians, including recording patient history and solving clinical cases
  • Perform physical examinations and procedures on medical phantoms, such as blood drawing, I.V. entry, suturing, and ultrasound
  • Compare and contrast health care and medical practice in newly reformed countries versus welfare state systems by visiting hospitals, clinics, and research institutions on study tours in Denmark and Western and Eastern Europe

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you have an interest in medicine and science, and are considering pursuing a medical or graduate degree in the health professions.

This core course has been quite possibly the most amazing medical experience of my life, and makes me even more excited to work towards my dream of becoming a pediatrician.”

-Margaret, Bucknell University

Core Courses

Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach

  • Course type: Core Course
  • Fall/Spring semester
  • 3 Credits
Week-Long Study Tour
Berlin-Poznan or Budapest-Vienna or Stockholm-Tallinn
Core Course Week Study Tour
Western Denmark
Major Discipline(s)
Biology, Pre-Medicine / Health Science, Public Health

Syllabus, Section A - Spring 2018

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Syllabus, Section B - Spring 2018

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Syllabus, Section C - Spring 2018

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Syllabus, Section E - Spring 2018

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Syllabus, Section F - Spring 2018

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Syllabus, Section G - Spring 2018

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Human Health and Disease semester core course at DIS Copenhagen