Medical Practice & Policy

Do you wish to work in the medical field one day and want insight into which career opportunities await you, alongside intercultural knowledge of different practices and policies between the U.S. and Europe?

Clinical practices and policies vary across Europe. Intercultural knowledge of these differences can provide perspectives on current practices, including the use of technology, alongside insights into the career opportunities available for working in the medical field. Engage in a unique pre-medical experience by learning from local medical doctors, focusing on diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and ailments.

Is This Program For You?

It’s a good fit if you have an interest in:

  • Biology
  • Neuroscience
  • Pre-Medicine/Health Science
  • Public Health

This Core Course has been quite possibly the most amazing medical experience of my life, and makes me even more excited to work towards my dream of becoming a pediatrician.”

-Margaret, Bucknell University

Core Courses

Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach

  • Course type: Core Course
  • Fall/Spring semester
  • 3 Credits
Week-Long Study Tour
Helsinki-Tallinn or Krakow-Prague or Berlin-Poznan or Budapest-Vienna
Core Course Week Study Tour
Major Discipline(s)
Biology, Pre-Medicine / Health Science, Public Health

Syllabus Section A - Fall 2023

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Human Health and Disease semester core course at DIS Copenhagen