Helsinki-TallinnWeek-Long Study Tour | Medical Practice & Policy Program

This week-long Study Tour to Tallinn and Helsinki introduces you to the nuances of medical practice in two distinct healthcare systems: one well-established and internationally regarded Nordic model, and one making great strides after the fall of communism with innovative e-health solutions. You will be able to observe the differences between the financing and provision of care in the Finnish municipal system and the Estonian solidarity-based social insurance system. In each destination, your diverse range of visits provide you with a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the healthcare system in the region, including the similarities and difference in state-funded and privately-funded care. In Tallinn, you visit one of the central hospitals of Estonia, as well as a family physician, to better understand the range of healthcare. This part of the Study Tour particularly highlights challenges faced by the Estonian healthcare system. In Helsinki, you visit a variety of medical centers and clinics and meet with medical professionals to gain first-hand insight into Finland’s medical landscape.

Through your visits and discussions with healthcare providers, you will gain an understanding of the current key issues involved in healthcare, such as demographics and economy; healthcare promotion; allocation of technology, money, and resources; the organization of, and entry into, the health system; and patient-doctor relationships.

Tour Objectives

  • Compare and contrast medical practice in Denmark, Finland, Estonia, and the U.S. to better understand the challenges facing healthcare providers in each country
  • Observe examples of clinical practice and research with clinical relevance
  • Describe and experience medical practice in a social, historical, and scientific context

Possible Activities

  • Discuss the structure of the Finnish healthcare system with specialists at local Helsinki-area hospitals
  • Interview locals about their experiences with their health systems in their respective countries
  • Discuss with healthcare providers at specialist departments at one of Tallinn’s largest public hospital and also with an Estonian family physician