DIS Film Club

Share your enthusiasm and passion for European Cinema with fellow students, young Danes, and DIS faculty.

What is the DIS Film Club?

Film Club is a social and academic community, where faculty and students from DIS and the University of Copenhagen meet to develop and discuss their interest in art cinema and the European film scene.

Join DIS Film Buffs and Experts: Morten Egholm and Anne Sofie Kluge Hedegaard

Morten has a Ph.D. in film studies and has written several articles on film history and Danish television, among other topics. He is the editor of film journal, Kosmorama, and watches around 300 films a year!

Anne Sofie has a Master in Film and Media Studies and almost a decade’s experience at numerous film festivals in Copenhagen (CPH:DOX, CPH PIX and CAFx). Her love for great stories points in many directions, but feature film, documentary film and audio stories have a special place in her heart. On the side, she is also organizing Radio Cinema events in the dark.

Spring 2019 Film Club Sessions

The Film Club meets for four informal sessions during the semester, and these take place in various cinemas throughout the city. Although we would love for all our members to show up at every session, we know from experience that sometimes some of you simply can’t make it or that things come up last minute – in that case, please cancel well in advance or as soon as possible.

Session 1: Monday Movies at Vester Vov Vov and Introduction to the Club

Come and meet your fellow cinephiles and settle down to watch the first screening together in the art house cinema Vester Vov Vov! This year, we are opening with a Nordic film with English subtitles and an introduction to the art house cinema and the Film Club. Come behind the scenes of a 40 year old art house cinema, experience the projectionist room and the stories from the venue.

Date: Monday, January 28
Time: Evening – Precise time TBA
Location: Meeting point at DIS

Session 2: Lolita at Cinemateket, the Danish Film Institute

This is your opportunity to get immersed in a hotspot for Danish film enthusiasts and discuss with the experts! Just around the corner from DIS, Cinemateket has a program ranging from classical cinema to contemporary world and underground film. This evening we will watch one of the classics of Stanley Kubrick: Lolita from 1962, based on the controversial novelle of Vladimir Nabokov.

Date: Monday, February 18
Time: 20:45
Location: Cinemateket, the Danish Film Institute

Session 3: Film Screening at CPH:DOX Festival

CPH:DOX is one of the largest documentary film festivals in the world and is also set in Copenhagen. CPH:DOX has a passion for documentary films and whether it is about arts, politics, music or food, they have a vision of anchoring the films in a social context through artist talks, debates or Q&A with directors. We will go for a real film festival experience watching one of the many high production documentary films that the festival has to offer.

Date: Thursday, March 21
Time: Evening – Precise time TBA
Location: Meeting Spot TBA (Somewhere in Copenhagen)

Session 4: Concluding with a Nordic Film Surprise

We are concluding the semester with a Nordic Film Surprise in one of the more secret, hidden cinema spots in Copenhagen called Husets Biograf. The cinema is known to be the go-to place for quirky classics on 16mm and cult shows like the Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Room. The session will be followed by a concluding social film quiz!

Date: Wednesday, April 3
Time: Evening – Precise time TBA
Location: Huset KBH