Film Club

Share your enthusiasm and passion for European Cinema with fellow students, young Danes, and DIS faculty.

What is the DIS Film Club?

Film Club is a social and academic community, where faculty and students from DIS and the University of Copenhagen meet to develop and discuss their interest in art cinema and the European film scene.

Join DIS Film Buffs and Experts: Morten Egholm and Cécile Zimmerman

Morten has a Ph.D. in Film Studies and has written several articles on film history and Danish television. He is the editor of film journal, Kosmorama, and watches around 300 films a year!

Cécile recently finished her Master’s degree in film and media studies with a production thesis, which entailed producing a media-collage and an academic analysis on the creative work process. When she is not watching movies or reading books, Cécile likes to draw and write stories — preferably while visiting museums and traveling the world.

Fall 2017 Film Club Sessions

The Film Club meets for five informal sessions during the semester, and these take place in the DIS cinema and throughout the city. By signing up, you are committing to all sessions.

Session 1: Danish film, Jagten and Introduction to the Club

Come and meet your fellow cinephiles and settle down to watch the first screening together in the DIS Cinema! This year, we are opening with a Danish drama ‘Jagten,’ which, in English, translates to ‘The Hunt.’ The movie is directed by Danish auteur Thomas Vinterberg, and internationally accomplished actor Mads Mikkelsen plays Lucas, a kindergarten teacher in rural Denmark. His life changes when one of his students accuses him of a terrible crime.

Date: Wednesday, September 6
Time: 19:30
Location: DIS Cinema (located next to the DIS Library)

Session 2: Film Screening at CPH PIX Festival

CPH PIX Festival is an international film festival set in Copenhagen. PIX has a passion for feature films which are at the heart of the festival, as well as the festivals’ many concerts, debates, and other events. We will go for a real film festival experience to watch one of the many alternative European films that the festival offers.

Date: Friday, September 29
Time: 18:30
Location: Meeting Spot TBA

Session 3: Film Screening and Intro to One of Copenhagen’s Legendary Art House Theatres

Copenhagen’s Art House Film Theaters passionately run some of the more alternative films that the big commercial cinemas do not. For this trip, we immerse ourselves in an Art House film experience and watch one of the slightly more niche European films.

Date: Thursday, October 19
Time: 18:30
Location: Meeting Spot TBA

Session 4: Film Screening at Cinemateket, the Danish Film Institute

This is your opportunity to get immersed in a hotspot for Danish film enthusiasts and discuss with the experts! Just around the corner from DIS, Cinemateket has a program ranging from classical cinema to contemporary world and underground film, many in English or with English subtitles. They also screen Danish films with English subtitles on a regular basis.

Date: Friday, November 10
Time: 18:30
Location: Cinemateket, the Danish Film Institute

Session 5: Concluding: Jeppe Rønde’s Bridgend

Danish filmmaker Jeppe Rønde moved to Wales for years to study a bizarre phenomenon in Bridgend, Wales; seventy-nine suicides were committed between 2007 and 2012, and almost all the victims were teenagers. Instead of making a documentary, he turned his research into the fiction film ‘Bridgend.’ Together, we will discuss Bridgend’s combination of Danish and British film culture and the film’s portrayal of themes such as life, death, and love. The session will be followed by a concluding social film quiz!

Date: Wednesday, November 29
Time: 18:30
Location: Huset KBH