DenmarkCore Course Week Study Tour | Art & Visual Culture Program

Core Course Week, including the short Study Tour, allows us to delve into the theme of Nordic Visual Arts. We will have a two-day seminar in the Copenhagen area, focusing on the role of art and cinema in the Nordic countries today. We will then venture to Western Denmark on a three-day study tour, where we will travel to the European Film College in Ebeltoft and ARoS Museum of Modern Art in Aarhus.

Through discussions and visits to these institutions, as well as important historical sites, you will learn more about Danish culture and better understand the tradition from which Nordic artists have come and the context in which they create.

Tour Objectives

  • Examine, compare, and contrast the role of art and cinema in Nordic countries today
  • Expand your understanding of the current trends in Nordic Visual Arts through visits to exhibitions and discussions with Danish students
  • Understand artistic expression beyond mainstream and how artists and filmmakers are expanding the traditional use of media

Possible Activities

  • Meeting and Q&A with a Danish film director
  • Tour the ARoS Museum of Modern Art
  • View student produced films at the European Film College