Danish Language and Culture for Child Development & Diversity StudentsSemester Course

Danish Language and Culture for Child Development & Diversity Students, Semester Course
Corequisite Course(s)
Major Discipline(s)
Anthropology, Language
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

This course is tailor-made for Child Development & Diversity students who are in a practicum in Danish child care institutions. It aims to provide language skills relevant for this particular situation, while also giving students the cultural competency, exposure to the city of Copenhagen, and confidence in everyday spoken Danish that the Danish Language and Culture: Level I course provides.

Related Discipline(s)

This course would also be of interest to the following discipline(s):
Child Development, Education / Educational Studies


Ditte Marie Egebjerg-Rantzau

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Cand.mag. (Scandinavian Philology and French, University of Copenhagen, 2001). Studied French Literature at the University of Montpellier 1994-1995. Teacher of Danish to foreigners, mainly in private organizations, since 2002. With DIS since 2006.

Danish Language and Culture, Ditte Marie Egebjerg

Nina Honoré Lahav

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Certified Teacher of Danish as a Foreign and Second Language, (Danish University of Education, 2002). With DIS since 2002. Currently on leave.

Danish Language and Culture, Nina Benedikte Honore Lahav

Camilla Kirchhoff

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Cand.Mag. (Danish, University of Copenhagen, 2007; Master of Danish as Second Language, 2014). Cellist (Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, 1988). Danish literature; youth novels 1930-60; music and language acquisition. Editor, Society for Danish Language and Literature; Teacher, Copenhagen Language Center and Hvidovre School of Music. With DIS since 2015.