Lisbon-Porto (Fall/Spring)Week-Long Study Tour | Biomedicine Program

This week-long Study Tour is designed to show you different aspects of the biomedical profession and illustrate the connections between industry and university research, as well as the transfer of information and knowledge into the business side of pharmaceuticals. You will step inside the world of biomedicine by touring labs, visiting start-up and biotech companies, and hearing lectures from various researchers from both Institutes located in Lisbon and Porto. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions to further develop your understanding of how classroom theories translate into a professional context. This tour will introduce you to the various careers in biotechnology that await you after graduation.

In addition, the Study Tour program is supplemented with relevant cultural visits and events to help you learn more about Portuguese culture and contextualize your studies.

Tour Objectives

  • Learn about the newest and upcoming biotechnology-based methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  • Observe the dynamics of drug discovery and development through visits to biomedicine and biotech research facilities
  • Meet some of the active players in the transfer of technology from university to business and explore their work

Possible Activities

  • Visit to the i3S consortium in Porto, a new institute where four institutions and researchers from six universities and three hospitals work together in several collaborative projects
  • Hear from the founders of BSIM¬≤, a start-up company working with structural bioinformatics and cheminformatics and the development of new therapies
  • Visit the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, where research groups apply advanced molecular, physiological and imaging tools to elucidate the function of neural circuits and systems in animal models that include Drosophila, mouse, rat, and zebrafish