Our Faculty

Faculty at DIS

DIS faculty are hired after a rigorous selection process. Comprehensive faculty development and training programs ensure DIS faculty have the pedagogical and intercultural qualifications to provide high standard instruction. Instructors develop their courses on an ongoing basis, incorporating student feedback for continuous improvement. DIS faculty also contribute actively to curriculum development.

Who are they

The majority of the faculty at DIS are hired as part-time instructors, while also holding permanent jobs in academia, government, the public sector and the professions. They “teach what they do,” adding a unique real-life perspective to classroom theory. All have final university degrees qualifying them to teach at Danish universities. Some staff members also teach courses, and a few faculty are employed on a more permanent basis, teaching several courses and participating in the programming of study tours and other academic activities. Altogether, around 200 faculty teach about 190 courses.

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Curriculum Quality & Development

DIS places a heavy emphasis on the quality of teaching at the institution. For this reason, a number of measures are taken to constantly develop the pedagogical skills of the DIS faculty. These include supervision and observation in the classroom intended to support faculty through feedback, and an ongoing dialogue about teaching styles, pedagogical ideas, best practices, etc. We also organize workshops and seminars throughout the year.

Faculty Seminars (FS)

Faculty, academic staff and other relevant administrative staff are invited to participate in the Faculty Seminar. The Faculty Seminar is offered as faculty development and training event, and it is usually held outside of Copenhagen over the course of a weekend. The Faculty Seminar is a forum for collegial dialogue and social interaction within and across the various DIS programs, and it focuses on the pedagogical identity and development of DIS.

The Danish Educators’ Workshop (DEW)

Every spring semester, DIS invites some 25 faculty members to participate in a Danish Educators’ Workshop at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Teaching and Learning Services. The Danish Educators’ Workshop (DEW) is offered as professional development for DIS faculty members, and it focuses on how to achieve our teaching and learning objectives.

Introduction Seminar for New Faculty Members (ISNL)

Before the beginning of a semester, all newly employed faculty attend an introductory seminar for new instructors. Participation is mandatory for newly employed faculty members.