My Stockholm Story

What’s it really like to live and study abroad in Stockholm? We know a few people that may have some answers.

Learn more about what to expect when studying abroad with DIS in Stockholm. Former students give you a glimpse of academics at DIS, local Field Studies, housing, extracurriculars, cozy cafés, and everyday life in this stunning city, fondly known as the ‘Venice of the North’ by the locals.

It can be overwhelming to move to a new place, but remembering that you are surrounded by people who genuinely support and care for you is really meaningful and comforting. It will be an adventure, and such such such a special one.

Isabelle, Barnard College

Calvin’s Story

Calvin, Swarthmore College, combined his academic schedule with training for a half marathon. To meet the locals, he joined a table tennis club where he was matched up with Swedish players.

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Olive’s Story

Olive, Macalester College, found an encouraging community at the DIS Stockholm Diverse Identities Social Club. The club is an open and safe space where students can explore their personal experiences with diversity, identity, and intercultural interactions while studying abroad.


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Come as you are, learn as much as you can. I flew to this part of the world with a goal of not being a nuisance to the locals. However, I don’t have to change who I am as a person. Approaching every unfamiliar situation with kindness is what has me feeling the embrace of this city and the people in it.

Milly, Macalester College

Mark’s Story

Mark, Ohio State University, enjoyed all that Stockholm has to offer during his semester abroad. Join him as he explores the city, goes to class, and hangs with his Homestay family and their charming dog, Eskil.

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Sarah’s Story

Join Sarah, Wellesley College, as she explores the archipelago, goes on Study Tour, attends class, and teams up with the locals for a traditional Swedish game.

Milly and Isabelle’s Story

Isabelle, Barnard College, and Milly, Macalester College, walk you through their semester in Stockholm. From strolls in the old town, to local Field Studies, outdoor swimming, and traditional Swedish ‘fika,’ they enjoyed the many facets of the city.

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Stockholm presents a world of opportunities for you to personalize your own experience abroad.

Calvin, Swarthmore College

Reed’s Story

Follow Reed, Bates College, for a typical day in his life during his semester at DIS Stockholm, as he grabs a coffee around DIS, attends classes, studies at the National Library of Sweden, commutes home to Nacka, and spends time in the evening with his Homestay hosts.

Hanna and Chris’ Story

Hanna, Haverford College, and Chris, Lafayette College, share their experiences on what life as a DIS student in Stockholm is all about.

Meet Hanna

Meet Chris

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Advice for future students, favorite aspects of the culture, and more; hear it straight from our Student Bloggers in Stockholm.

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