Using Your Phone Abroad

Getting a Cellphone

How to Get a Phone Plan Abroad

DIS is first and foremost committed to your safety and security, therefore it is obligatory that you have an active cell phone plan while enrolled at DIS. You are required to submit your phone number to DIS in your Registration once you arrive. You are free to choose whichever provider you want, as long as you have a fully operational cell phone.

What are my Cell Plan Options?

You have two options:

Option 1 (recommended): Use a local Swedish plan

DIS partners with Tele2, one of Sweden’s largest mobile phone companies, to offer you a phone solution that is affordable and convenient.

You will receive a SIM card upon arrival in Sweden. Simply insert this SIM card into your existing phone and your plan will begin.

You must have an unlocked phone in order to use the Tele2 plan. Before signing up, check with your current carrier whether it is possible to unlock your phone.

You must sign up for this plan by the deadline posted in your Student Registration. The price per semester is $120.

Option 2: Use your current U.S. plan

You may use a U.S. cell plan, however, DIS recommends that you check with your provider about price and plan inclusions. The majority of DIS students find that their U.S. providers have expensive and limited international plans.

What’s Included in Tele2 plan

You’ll be able to text and call any Swedish phone number for free when calling from anywhere within the European Union. You will also receive 50 GB/month of 4G-speed data in the entire European Union.

View Tele2 Plan coverage examples here

Review the Tele2 Plan FAQs here

Please note that calls to non-Swedish numbers are subject to a different tariff system, which means that they are not included in this package. To see the latest pricing list, refer to the Tele2 Price list here.

Read the fine print and terms here

Once You Have Signed Up

You must have an unlocked phone to use this plan. Check with your current provider to confirm your phone is unlocked.

Read more here about locked vs. unlocked phones

For iPhone iOS 14 and later: check if your phone is locked by using these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General and tap About.
  2. Under Carrier Lock, you should see a message that says, “No SIM restrictions.” – this means your phone is unlocked

You can also purchase an unlocked phone at any electronics store in Sweden, such as Webhallen or Elgiganten.