Gender & Sexuality Studies

Well known for its progressive norms and policies, Sweden is a unique place to study the challenges, ideas, and dilemmas of core topics within gender, equality, and sexuality.

Program Highlights

  • Explore the implications and challenges of living in a country with the world’s first self-proclaimed feminist government where ‘gender mainstreaming’ policies are highest on the agenda
  • Visit with Swedish families raising their children in a gender-neutral manner and reflect on your own gendered upbringing
  • Travel with your classmates and faculty on course-integrated study tours to examine how constructions of gender and sexuality intersect with ethnicity, race, class, religion, and (dis-)ability in Europe

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you study gender studies, women’s studies, anthropology, sociology, human rights, or if you are interested in how gender norms and identities are constructed.

We learned first-hand that Sweden is a feminist and LGBTQ utopia, and they established this through their political activism. We met with the Feministiskt Initiativ, a feminist political party of Sweden … It was amazing to see and learn the ways in which gender and sexuality were manifested and institutionalized.”
– Sophie Turner, Elon University

Core Courses