Visiting a Doctor, Hospital, or Dentist

Health and Safety in Stockholm

As a student at DIS Stockholm, visits to the doctor, hospitalization, prescriptions, and prescribed medicine are covered by the DIS comprehensive health insurance. Read more on our Insurance Information page.

Visiting a Doctor

Because you are in Sweden for less than a year, you will not receive access to the Swedish national health insurance system. Therefore, if you visit a doctor, expect to pay a general visiting fee of 1,800 SEK out of pocket, but know that you will be reimbursed. You can visit any doctor while in Sweden, however below are three options for booking a visit – some with pre-paid options. Note that inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement, as DIS has not done a formal review of these providers.

Sartwell Creek Health

Daria M. Eriksson MD is an American physician whose office is located very close to DIS in Stockholm. She and her colleagues, Dr. Johard and Dr. Anissian, come highly recommended and are sensitive to the unique needs of students studying abroad. As general practitioners, all three physicians treat anxiety, depression, dermatological issues, and provide outside referrals, among many other medical issues. To book an appointment, simply click on the booking link below. Please remember that you have the option of booking a video medical consultation too, which is an especially good option if you are hoping to book a same-day appointment. You do not need to contact the insurance company beforehand.

Location: The office is located near DIS.
To Care City – Husläkarmottagning
Karlavägen 58, 4th floor (cross street Sibyllegatan)
114 49 Stockholm

How to Book: To make an appointment, use the direct booking system on Sartwell Creek Health’s website here.

Payment Info: If you have followed all of the above steps, the insurance will cover the visit automatically and you will not have to pay out of pocket.

Aleris Närakut Hötorget

Aleris Närakut Hötorget is a larger drop-in clinic, so it is a good option for when you need to see a doctor that same day, but are not experiencing a medical emergency. Always go to a hospital emergency room in a medical emergency.

Location: The office is located in downtown Stockholm, right by the Hötorget metro stop – find all hours and location information here. The website is only in Swedish, but if you open the page on Google Chrome, it will automatically translate into English for you.

Payment Info: In most cases, you will need to pay out-of-pocket and then file an insurance claim later. When you are at the clinic, be sure to get your receipt and your medical report after you have been seen by the doctor, as these documents are necessary for filing the insurance claim. If the clinic fee is too high for you to pay out of pocket, please have the clinic send an invoice to your housing in Stockholm – be sure to give them the correct address. You will then need to check the mail regularly for the invoice, and then submit the claim to Europæiske ERV insurance. In your claim, make a note that the fee was too high, so you are requesting that the insurance company pay the invoice directly.

Dentists in Sweden

DIS does not reimburse fees for any dental care and dentist visits are not covered by Europæiske Insurance. If you wish to go to the dentist, we suggest asking your Swedish Homestay, roommate, or friends for local recommendations.