Vegetarians and Vegans

Vegetarians and Vegans, DIS Stockholm

What’s it like to Have a Plant-Based Diet in Sweden?

Vegetarian and vegan diets have risen in popularity in Stockholm, and the city has responded with a growing number of veggie-friendly cafes, restaurants, and store-bought items.

Grocery Shopping Tips

If you are on a limited budget, it is not uncommon to go shopping in multiple stores to find what you need. The cheapest grocery stores (Lidl and Willys) do not always have those specialty products you are looking for, while meat-free frozen items (veggie burgers, falafels) are easily found at higher-end grocery stores.

All products in the supermarket are in Swedish, so when in doubt, ask questions – the vast majority of Swedes speak English and will be able to help you out! The symbol for organic foods is easy to spot: Look for the words ekologisk and KRAV.

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants & Cafés

  • Hermitage, buffet-style international cuisine
  • Chutney, meals with Indian influence
  • Falafelbaren, high-quality falafel
  • Hermans, buffet-style, with a view overlooking Gamla Stan! (more expensive option)
  • Lao Wai, an all-vegan Chinese food restaurant (more expensive option)
  • Kalf & Hansen, affordable lunch meals
  • Mahalo, an all- vegan café, serving breakfast and lunch
  • Feca, vegan pizzas and pasta courses available
  • Bistro Bananas, offers a vegan three-course dinner (more expensive option)
  • Vigårda, affordable vegan and vegetarian burgers available

If you are looking for further suggestions, check out Happy Cow, an online resource for finding vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in your area.

Don’t Leave the Waiter Guessing – Clarify Your Dietary Restrictions

When you order your meal, we recommend you clarify with the waiter how you define vegetarianism or veganism (i.e. no honey, no fish or meat products, etc.). Some restaurants will consider vegetarians as pescetarians and assume it is okay to serve fish.