Past Student Bloggers

Student bloggers share their stories semester after semester. Although DIS changes over the years, bloggers from previous semesters can still be important and inspiring resources.

Spring 2021

Christian, Whitman College, Vikings & Power

Elisabeth, UMass Amherst, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Tess, Colby College, Vikings & Power

Spring 2020

Benton, Tulane University, Public Health

Christy, University of Illinois at Chicago, Psychology

Elizabeth, Johns Hopkins University, Literature

Hannah, Georgetown University, Psychology

Kate, Washington University, Medical Practice & Policy

Nathan, St. Olaf College, Economics

Paige, College of Wooster, Terrorism & Security

Rachel, Stonehill College, Neuroscience

Shane, Bates College, Terrorism & Security

Fall 2019

Alex, Georgia State University, Gender & Sexuality

Frances, Vassar College, Psychology

Gina, Boston College, Literature

Kassidi, Swarthmore College, Psychology

Kayla, St. Olaf College, Public Health

Lily,  Vanderbilt University, Public Health

Olivia, College of Wooster, Terrorism & Security

Phaedra, Middlebury College, Medical Practice & Policy

Valerie, Harvard University, Psychology

Spring 2019

Catey, Furman University, Public Health

Clara, Ramapo College of New Jersey, Psychology

Jessica, Middlebury College, Neuroscience

Julianne, University of Connecticut, Gender & Sexuality

Kaden, Haverford College, Literature

Molly, Saint Michael’s College,  Medical Practice & Policy

Ruthie, Hamilton College, Public Health

Stephanie, Furman University, Terrorism & Security

Fall 2018

Cary, University of Rochester, Neuroscience

Emma, Furman Univeristy, Swedish Language & Culture

Ilana, Grinnel College, Literature

Irene, Vanderbilt Univesity, Psychology

Laine, Northwestern University, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Megan, St. Olaf College, Psychology

Nicole, Scripps College, Medical Practice & Policy

Riley, DePauw University, Literature

Spring 2018

Belinda, Spelman College, Psychology

Delgado, Hamilton College, Psychology

Doug, College of William and Mary, International Relations (Terrorism & Security)

Jiyu, Vanderbilt University, Medical Practice & Policy

Landers, Bucknell University, Literature

Leia, DePauw University, Public Health

Natalia, University of Washington, Public Health

Natalie, Villanova University, Global Economics

Yvette, Brandeis University, Public Health

Fall 2017

Beteley, Goucher College, Swedish Language & Culture

Gaby, Bates College, Medical Practice & Policy

Grace, Saint Catherine University, Literature

Katie, The University of Kansas, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Laura, Oberlin College, Public Health

Michael, Tulane University, Global Economics

Sabrina, Barnard College, Psychology

Spring 2017

Callie, Bates College, Psychology

Chris, Lafayette College, Psychology

Hanna, Haverford College, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Jenny, Case Western Reserve University, Swedish Language & Culture

Mai, Tufts University, Medical Practice & Policy

Fall 2016

Abby, Stanford University, Swedish Language & Culture

Caleigh, Colorado College, Psychology

Jake, Middlebury College, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Liz, St. Olaf College, Psychology

Reed, Bates College, Medical Practice & Policy

Salmaan, University of Illinois Chicago, Medical Practice & Policy