Meet the City Living & Learning Community

This Living & Learning Community provides an opportunity to experience a deeper immersion into the greater Stockholm area and all that it has to offer.

Live Like a Local

The Meet the City LLC offers a varied set of excursions to explore the wider metropolis of Stockholm and experience how to live as a local. Through cultural activities and exploration, you will develop a broad understanding of the city geographically and culturally. This housing option is a great choice for students who want a kickstart in becoming part of everyday Stockholm life and making the city feel like home.

Meet the City LLC Highlights

This is the perfect LLC for you if you want to get to know Stockholm from an insider perspective, beyond the common tourist destinations, through a broad range of activities. By living in the LLC, you will:

  • Become immersed in the Scandinavian lifestyle and learn how to “live like a Stockholmer”
  • Build a strong sense of community among members of the LLC through shared experiences
  • Explore a wide array of urban areas and neighborhoods while engaging in different activities
  • Document and share your experiences with your fellow students

Examples of Meet the City LLC Activities (may vary each semester)

  • City walk to get to know Stockholm’s different neighborhoods and surrounding areas
  • Going on thrift tours in different neighborhoods
  • Learning about (and participating in) Stockholm life staples such as going for a fika, hiking, and ice skating
  • Going to the community theater performance
  • Going to a local concert