Live alongside local and DIS students in a studentboende — a student residence hall.

What is a Studentboende?

Most universities in Stockholm do not provide housing for students on campus. Instead, Studentboende housing arrangements, co-ed dorm-style residential buildings located throughout the city, accommodate students from different institutions across the greater Stockholm area. While living in a Studentboende, you get the opportunity to meet Swedish and international students studying diverse disciplines for varying lengths of time, since Swedes and Europeans do not pursue higher education at a specified age or time.

The number of other DIS students living in your Studentboende will vary, so choose this housing option if you are ready to proactively meet Swedish and international students by knocking on your neighbor’s door!

The Studentboende is an amazing opportunity to get to know your fellow DIS students and local Swedes at the same time. It’s been awesome to have conversations, learn a bit of culture, get help with my Swedish homework, and even get some Swedish food tips. I couldn’t see my time in Stockholm anywhere else than here!

Delgado, Hamilton College

Studentboende Highlights

  • Meet Swedish and international students, while still having a DIS support system
  • Live alongside students, both from DIS and local universities in Stockholm, who come from a variety of backgrounds and are involved across the city in diverse ways
  • Have the opportunity to plan and/or attend events that bring together DIS and local Studentboende students, such as baking nights or bowling, and receive DIS funding for such events

Student Profile

This housing option is right for you if you are willing to:

  • Be independent and seek friendships with your hallmates, initiating social events throughout the semester
  • Commute from home to DIS using the many choices of public transportation available in Stockholm – you can use this time to do homework, take a nap, or just listen to your favorite tunes and enjoy the view. Read about Stockholm’s public transportation here
  • Share a room with another DIS student (a very limited number of single rooms are available).
  • Maintain/clean your room’s private bathroom, which is shared between you and your roommate
  • Do your own grocery shopping and cook for yourself in a kitchen that you share with your roommates or hallmates
  • Share cleaning responsibilities for your own room, as well as the common areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room

Application Information

You preference your housing choices during the registration process.

If you are placed in a Studentboende, DIS will find the best fit for you by using your housing application essay, potential housing comments, and other information you have listed in Student Registration.

Read more about the DIS Housing Placement Process