Medical Practice & Policy

Engage in a unique pre-medical experience by learning from Swedish medical doctors and researchers, focusing on how research translates into medical practices, and how patient data translates back into research.

Program Highlights

  • Gain an insider’s view of the life of a research doctor and insight into clinical practices and health care in Europe through visits to clinical and diagnostic hospital departments and research institutions
  • Explore case studies that bridge research and clinical breakthroughs within acute and chronic diseases, and investigate how diagnostic tools and treatment strategies are developed through the dynamic relationship between clinicians, physicians, and scientists
  • Travel with DIS on course-integrated study tours that will take you on the trajectory from lab bench to clinic, and give you an opportunity to compare different translational research practices in Europe

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you have a serious interest in medicine and science and are considering a medical or graduate degree in the health sciences.

Stockholm is a vibrant hub for medicine and bioscience. Universities, hospitals, and companies all contribute to a strong innovative and interdisciplinary medical research environment. Translational medicine, in which research is translated into real-life application, is a key focus area in Sweden. We will provide you with an excellent professional experience that demonstrates the connection between medical research and clinical work, and helps you decide if a career within these disciplines is right for you.”
– Lisbeth Borbye, Ph.D.,
DIS Program Director

Core Courses