Precision Medicine: Tailored Treatment in Clinical PracticeSemester Course

Medical Practice & Policy
Week-Long Study Tour
Core Course Week Study Tour
Major Discipline(s)
Biology, Biomedicine / Biotechnology, Pre-Medicine / Health Science
New Course Note
This course starts in Fall 2020 and will replace Translational Medicine: From Bench to Bedside.
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

Standard clinical care is shifting its focus towards precision medicine, where the choice for treatment relies on the specific physiological characteristics of a given patient. The rapid development of ‘omics’, including genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics, is currently adding a new dimension to the advancement of precision medicine and clinical care. This course covers current clinical practices within precision medicine, as well as the potential clinical application of omics in the clinic. In addition, you study patient cases and address diagnosis and treatment by using the precision medicine approach.

Note: Please be aware that the course does not provide regular medical training corresponding to that of medical students and does not include shadowing of doctors or physical examination of patients.