Managing Food Allergies Abroad

Managing Food Allergies Abroad

Having allergies does not have to stand in the way of enjoying a semester abroad. With preparation and planning, there are plenty of ways to travel safely and engage in the local food culture while managing a food allergy.

Inform DIS About Your Allergies

If you are an incoming DIS student, you will complete a Wellbeing and Accessibility Planning Form in Student Registration. Here, you can add information about any allergies you may have. Learn more about Planning for your Health Abroad here.

If you have a documented accommodation related to an allergy, please visit our Disability Accommodations page.

DIS is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented dietary allergies for DIS sponsored meals. However, while DIS will make every effort to provide allergy-friendly options at DIS events, including housing meetings and Study Tours, we cannot assure against mistakes or misunderstandings that may occur. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility, as the expert on navigating their allergy, to take similar steps as they take at home: plan ahead, be flexible (especially when substitutions are limited and may not be ideal), ask questions to verify the safety of what they eat, and have a plan for any allergic reaction.

Tips for Navigating Allergies While Abroad

When traveling abroad in Europe with a food allergy, preparation and planning will take you far! Find tips on our Traveling with Dietary Needs page.

Additional Resources

GoAbroad’s website features advice on preparing for studying abroad with a food allergy. Find their resources here.