BerlinWeek-Long Study Tour | Gender & Sexuality Studies Program

With Berlin’s violent history as a backdrop, we immerse ourselves in this wild, energetic city, which brims with radical expressions of gender and sexuality. Walk through Berlin’s distinct neighborhoods in the footsteps of a refugee, explore the flamboyant nightlife of the ‘Queer Capital of Europe,’ and visit a museum which holds the world’s largest archive of gay history.

This study tour explores gender and sexuality norms, histories, and expressions in a context quite different from Scandinavia. We analyze, for example, how masculine women as well as women in sports informed the ideal of what it meant to be German during Nazi rule, and compare this with body ideals and notions of femininity and masculinity in fashion and popular media today. We also visit with organizations that challenge stereotypical notions of gender in the workplace and in families.

Tour Objectives

  • Explore the radical ways gender and sexuality are expressed in a city so informed by a violent history
  • Compare gender practices and expressions with Scandinavia and the U.S.

Possible Activities

  • Attend a queer walking tour
  • Participate in a sex positive workshop
  • Attend a walking tour led by a refugee