Forensic Psychology LabSemester Course

DIS Stockholm, Elective Course, Forensic Psychology
Corequisite Course(s)
Major Discipline(s)
Criminology / Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

In this lab, conduct your own research pertaining to Forensic Psychology topics such as deception in cross-cultural contexts, lying behavior on social media, or eyewitness testimony. Research methods can include surveys, interviews, use of eyetracking, and other methods to answer research questions. Classwork consists of supervision of research activities pertaining to, e.g., ethics, methods, data analysis, and completion of a research report.


Meiling Liu

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology (China University of Political Science and Law, 2010). Post Doctorate in Forensic Psychology (Gothenburg University, 2012). Worked as an organizational consultant in areas of leadership and cross-cultural competence training in Sweden. Also has worked as a teacher and researcher at universities in China, and was promoted to the position of associate professor in China. With DIS since 2016.

Meiling Liu, DIS Stockholm faculty

Monica Siqueiros Sanchez

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

PhD, Medical Science, Karolinska Institute, 2020. Postdoctoral scholar, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University, 2023. MSc, Neurodevelopmental Psychopathology, Durham University, 2014. Lic. Psychology, Universidad de Monterrey, 2010. Postdoctoral scholar, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University, 2021-2023. Postdoctoral scholar, Karolinska Institute, 2020. Part time faculty, DIS Study Abroad Scandinavia, 2019-2020. Behavioral therapist, Centro de Entrenamiento Psicologico Infantil, 2012-2015. School psychologist, Instituto Mar de Cortes, 2012-2013. With DIS since 2023