SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Neuroscience Program

The purpose of the short Study Tour is to learn more about different approaches for understanding, preventing, and treating problems with addiction in a Swedish context. Following the multidisciplinary approach for the course, we will embark on various field studies ranging from visits to neuroscience research labs, to sites focused on public health and prevention, to art museums and other culturally significant venues, and to meetings with clinicians and practitioners who specialize in addiction treatment. Students will thus have the opportunity to explore within and outside of Stockholm while also learning from professionals in the field of addiction research and treatment. Students are expected to fully engage with the various field visits and participate actively in discussions with professionals, peers, and lecturers.

Tour Objectives

  • To apply neuroscientific and psychological concepts and theories to understand addiction processes in a real-world context
  • To explore how addiction is managed and treated in a Swedish context
  • To critically evaluate the role of social and contextual features in the development and maintenance of problems with addiction

Possible Activities

  • Meeting with staff at Systembolaget (state-owned, nonprofit shops that sell alcohol while supporting research and working to prevent problems with addiction)
  • Visit the Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC)
  • Visit to the Neuropharmacology and Addiction research lab at Uppsala University