SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Neuroscience Program

Required Course(s)
The Loving Brain: The Neuroscience of Relationships
Fall/Spring semester

How are human relationships approached from neuroscientific, clinical, and social policy perspectives in Sweden? What are some research questions and methods currently under exploration in social neuroscience research labs? How do couples and family therapists help people navigate relationship dysfunction in Sweden? Core Course Week, which includes a three-day short Study Tour in Greater Sweden, gives you the opportunity to apply classroom theories in a real-world context beyond Stockholm. Academic visits on tour will include a wide variety of learning opportunities such as meetings with researchers, clinicians, and community organizations. The Study Tour will also be supplemented with cultural visits and events, such as museum visits, team-building activities, and meals featuring traditional Swedish food at local restaurants.

Tour Objectives

  • Further your understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of human relationships, with particular attention on the social, policy, and environmental factors that shape experiences of love
  • Gain insight into the research methods used in social neuroscience
  • Compare and contrast Swedish and U.S. approaches to repairing ruptures in loving relationships
  • Challenge your current ideas and assumptions about social neuroscience and broaden your understanding of the field

Possible Activities

  • Meet with a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping people meet and form connections
  • Visit labs and researchers working at the cutting-edge of research on social neuroscience in Sweden
  • Speak with experts in couples and family therapy
  • Tour the anti-discrimination bureau and learn about efforts to strengthen rights for LGBTQ+ individuals in Sweden