The Loving Brain: The Neuroscience of RelationshipsSemester Course

Week-Long Study Tour
Major Discipline(s)
Neuroscience, Psychology
New Course Note
This course starts in Fall 2024.
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

What is the nature of love? In this course we will explore the neuroscientific research on social relationships. We will investigate a wide range of relationships, including, but not limited to, parent-sibling relationships, friendships, romantic relationships, as well as social ostracism and rejection. As we examine these relationships through an evolutionary lens, we consider primate brain evolution and the evolutionary functions and adaptive values of social connections. A fundamental question will be whether neuroscientific research enhances our understanding of social relationships. Furthermore, we will investigate how variation in the cultural emphasis on independence and interdependence relates to differences in brain activity and social relationships across differing cultures. A principal framework for our inquires will be to understand the implications this research has for health and wellbeing.