SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Engineering Program

Our three-day study tour takes us north, to consider environmental engineering developments through a focus on smaller “smart” cities in Sweden and their interplay with the vast rural areas of the north. Northern Sweden is host to major data centers, an expansive network of hydroelectic plants, extensive forestry operations, and some of the largest mines in the world. Through visits, discussions, and hands-on experiences, we investigate both widespread practices in environmental engineering in a Swedish context, while exploring on-site, cutting-edge developments.

Tour Objectives

  • Broaden your perspective of environmental engineering in the Swedish context through lab and field visits, while assessing the technological needs of rural areas and small “smart” cities
  • Experience environmental design, engineered for climate extremes
  • Meet engineers at work in northern Sweden to study the dynamic interplay between research, development, and industry

Possible Activities

  • Speak with researchers at Luleå University of Technology to discuss new approaches to environmental challenges, including climate sensitive urban planning and building, flexible traffic solutions, and built environment designs for seasonal climate extremes
  • Visit a paper mill to understand the processes of separating the “waste” product lignin and using it to replace coal, oil, and even vanilla – all technologies developed by researchers in Sweden
  • Assess the siting of Facebook’s partially wind-powered data center in the forest outside Luleå and consider its currently untapped heat recovery infrastructure potential