SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Public Health Program

Core Course Week, including short study tour, provides you with the opportunity to explore and familiarize yourself with migrants’ access to and utilization of care in existing and emerging healthcare structures in Sweden; you will investigate first-hand how local communities approach this task. In addition, the study tour is supplemented with cultural visits to relevant and exciting sites.

Tour Objectives

  • Understand how national policies are translated into practice in local communities
  • Investigate the administrative and practical aspects of public health and migration
  • Get to know some of the hot issues regarding healthcare delivery to migrants in Sweden
  • Examine the sociopolitical and historical context of migration to and from Sweden

Possible Activities

  • Meet local and county-level public health administrators to gain insight into the bureaucracy surrounding treatment of migrants
  • Visit a health center for migrants and talking to health professionals who treat undocumented migrants
  • Talk to specialists in the field to understand issues relating to migrant sexual health