Public Health and Migration: Access, Politics, and Human RightsSemester Course

Public Health
Week-Long Study Tour
Core Course Week Study Tour
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Global Health, Public Health, Sociology
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

Note for Spring 2021: Your two course-integrated Study Tours will take place in Sweden.

Migrants, including refugees, asylum seekers, and economic migrants, are voluntarily or involuntarily moving to new locations, such as Sweden. Upon arrival, some may be suffering from tuberculosis, HIV, or other diseases rarely occurring in the host country. This course addresses the health status and care needs as well as the legal, financial, and cultural barriers to accessing treatment faced by the migrant population. Through contemporary case studies, analyze the relationship between migrant health needs and the existing healthcare structure.

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Political Science, Public Policy


Jad Shedrawy

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

Doctoral student in the department of Public Health at Karolinska Institutet with focus on health economics of tuberculosis control and migrant health. Msc in health economy, policy and Management. Bs in Pharmacy. With DIS since 2019.